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Research Methods Lecture 21 Editing

No description

Courtney Thomas

on 19 December 2016

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Transcript of Research Methods Lecture 21 Editing

Last Check: Back to Requirements
Before you submit the paper, go back to the requirements
Make sure that you have completed the entire assignment
Double check formatting
If you make substantial revisions, go back through the editing process
When the Paper is Returned
Look at the grade
Look at all comments, either within the text or on a cover page
Read your entire paper again
Go back to the requirements and analyze those against the comments
Learn from your mistakes
Only Way to Improve Your Research and Writing Skills
First Edit
Check grammar, spelling, syntax
Check formatting and spacing
Double space the paper
Headings in bold and underlined
Subheadings italicized
Do not subdivide too much
at least three paragraphs per section as a rule or it starts to sound choppy
Second Edit
Step away and do something else before going back to editing
Read the ENTIRE paper out loud
This will catch grammatical and syntactical errors that you missed the first time AND will show you where your wording is awkward or your sentences are too long
If it doesn't sound good, it's not well written
Writing Process
Always start with an outline
Write in sections
Go back and do transitions
Theoretically, you can save the introduction and conclusions for the end
This depends on your writing style
Research Methods
PSCI 2024
Winter 2016
Dr. Courtney Thomas
Lecture 21: Editing

Citation Checking
Check footnotes
Whenever you quote or paraphrase a source
CHECK all quotations for accuracy
Placed at the end of the sentence AFTER the last punctuation
NOT indented
NOT double spaced
10 point font
CMS formatting
Check Reference page
Double spaced
CMS formatting
Peer Review
Always try to get a peer review on every paper you write
It is very difficult to edit your own writing, especially right after you complete the paper
A fresh set of eyes, especially one that is NOT working on the same assignment, will catch mistakes that you will miss
Writing is a skill that has to be developed over time and practice
The ONLY way to get better at research and scholarly writing is to do it over and over and over again
Seek out classes that have major research components
Learn new things as you go
Keep practicing and learning from mistakes
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