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Project on the guan

No description

Gabriel Medeiros

on 4 August 2015

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Transcript of Project on the guan

Project on the guan

Food of guan
The guan-bellied-brown is a bird in the galliforme Cracidae family. Also known as guan guan and-mouth.
In addition to the Pantanal, it occurs in an area in the Araguaia river valley and one in the valley of the River. It is practically extinct outside the Pantanal, due to hunting and changing forest environment where he lives. It consists of Endangered Birds List of Brazil.
Guan habitat
Feature of guan
Like the other guan, it looks like a big chicken tail and long wings. Short and long neck head. The color of the back and tail is dark gray, almost black, spotted small light scratches, coming to be white on the back. The head, neck and stomach, the background color is dark reddish brown, with white or light stripes. The head is slightly more reddish, with a light gray stripe above the eyes. The bare skin around the eyes is dark, making strong contrast to the dark red fur dewlap, hanging below. This barb is more or less noticeable, as the bird is frightened or not. In danger, contracts the muscles and decreases the view of the sign. The beak is dark and light feet.
It feeds on tecoma flowers (or piúvas, Pantanal name), of tarumãs and vines in trees during flowering. The other jacus feed on plant material, fruit, seeds and invertebrates on the ground. How is a lot on the floor, you may also have the same eating habits
I hope you liked my project on the guan
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