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ISO 14064 Verification

Verification of CO2 footprints

Matthijs Dierick

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of ISO 14064 Verification

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli CO2 verification, what and why? What will we cover? Footprint verification
Level of assurance
scope of the footprint
verification process
outcome of the verification Verification: systematic, independent and documented process for the evaluation of a greenhouse gas assertion against agreed verification criteria So for verification you need criteria. what can they be? GHG Protocol;
ISO 14064 part 1 and 3 Lets talk about the ISO 14064.
A series of 3 documents:
part 1: mandatory requirements for a CO2 footrpint;
part 3: requirements for the verification of a CO2 footprint So part one is used by the organization that whats to set up a CO2 footprint;
Part 3 is used by the certification body ISO 14064 part 3 Verification requirements:
Level of assurance;
Risk assessment
verification principles
verification proces
sampling plan Level of assurance:
High (95%) positive formulated
Limited (80%) formulated negatively. ISO 14064 expects a limited level of assurance Materiality and
sampling Materiality: how big is the source, is it relevant? Samples will be taken based on risk assessment and contribution to the total emission (do we cover the most important sources?) Sampling:
Evidence that can be used:
Registrations like: bills, monitoring registrations, running hours, etc Verification principles:
Ethical conduct;
Fair presentation;
professional care
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