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Statistical Questions

No description

Mr. Parke

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Statistical Questions

why statistics are important
Do you ever ask statical questions
what are the advanages and disadvaneges about using statistics
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In addition, scientists are often accused of misinterpreting data. For example, a large sample is likely to contain one or more anomalous results. Scientists who do not state a clear hypothesis before running tests and conducting statistical analysis may conclude that one such small anomaly is evidence for a particular hypothesis even though the result is merely noise in the data.
You dont even know you ask statisdcal questions,but trust me you ask them about everyday
Monday, February 27 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
why do we use statistics
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a statistical question is a question that can be answered using data that may vary Any question that may be answered by a single number or answer is not considered a statistical question.
According to San Jose State University, statistics helps researchers make inferences about data. Instead of just using raw data to explain observations, researchers use various statistical analyses to derive predictions and trends from large data sets. Scientists and professionals use statistics in a variety of disciplines and fields, including biological sciences, political science and engineering.
Statistical Questions
What is a Statistical Question
Any question that may be answered by a single number or answer is not considered a statistical question.
Statistical analysis is used to determine if a scientific experiment produced a result that supported a hypothesis or not. While calculating the probability of an outcome, or "p-value," is the most common technique, one technique that is becoming more popular is Bayesian analysis, in which a statistician starts with a hypothesized model that is continuously updated over the course of an experiment. Statistical analysis helps experts determine if particular medical treatments are effective.
However, it is easy to misinterpret statistics and present deceptive analysis. One outlier in an experiment, for example, can skew results away from the true central mean. In addition, bias can be introduced into public surveys by asking questions in an inappropriate manner. So-called "push polls" can mislead the media and the public to believe something that is not supported by fair polls.
The field of statistics is the science of learning from data. Statisticians offer essential insight in determining which data and conclusions are trustworthy. When statistical principles are correctly applied, statistical analyses tend to produce accurate results.
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