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Teen Succeed at Jazziaks

No description

meghan holland

on 20 June 2017

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Transcript of Teen Succeed at Jazziaks

Though she is out of frame, Hannah also led this exercise. Due to the uniformity of all the dancers, I thought this would make for an appealing photo.
This photo shows Hannah at the barre, demonstrating the correct approach to a port de bra. With this perfect form, she is able to guide the class effectively.
Teens at JDS
Teen Succeed at Jazziaks
This is another example of Miss. Holgate guiding the class, in this case through the final steps of a tendu/rondejam sequence.
This photo hands the spotlight over to Sophie Frieden. Sophie is 17 and balances 11 hours of dance weekly with both school and a job, but consistently brings forth her best effort when in the studio.
This picture further proves Hannah's aid, as she directs the class with proper technique through her arms.
This shot was taken towards the end of our ballet dance. As you can see, Hannah was in front of the class demonstrating the correct way to execute this specific part.
This image shows Miss. Holgate slowly going through a solo part of our dance. There was some confusion of how it should be done, so she stepped up and helped clear any uncertainty.
Though she is in the back, this photo is another example of Hannah leading the class through barre exercises. Many of the students are either looking towards her/at her reflection in the mirror.
The teacher of this class, Miss. Suzanne Perdue, often asks the students to stop and watch Hannah demonstrate an activity or exercise. In this photo, she is doing just that.
This photo acknowledges some of the many skilled dancers within this class. Starting with Hannah (left), down to Nicole, Shaye, Ashley, and Kayla, these girls dance endless hours weekly and constantly push themselves.
Visual Communications
June 14, 2017
Meghan Holland
I chose to focus my project primarily on Hannah Holgate, as well as a few teen-dancers practicing at JDS. Miss. Holgate is an 18 year old resident of Boylston, MA, and has danced at Commonwealth Ballet Company since 2015. She has previously danced at other schools, and been in a variety of company shows such as
The Nightingale
The Secret Garden
, and
The Nutcracker
. In addition to this busy schedule, Hannah chooses to assist the advanced ballet class at Jazziaks Dance School for 1.5 hours weekly. She is extremely talented and humble, and is always happy to help. For these reasons, I thought she was ideal for this assignment.
I really enjoyed doing this project. It was somewhat of a challenge due to the poor lighting of the studio, but came together in the end. As I wrote the captions, I realized not only how much work Hannah executes, but how much work many of the students at the studio endure. Many of the girls in the advanced ballet class dance competitively, and put in 7-10 hours of practice weekly. In addition to this, they must balance school, jobs, and many other tasks. Because of this, I thought the teenage dancers of this class, as well as the teacher-assistant, Hannah Holgate, deserved recognition throughout this assignment.
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