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Nutrition In A Sport Jake Keeton

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Jake Keeton

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Nutrition In A Sport Jake Keeton

Nutrition for sports performance
saturated fats are very unhealthy for you and can damage your artries which is cloak up by cholesterol. A food that has saturated fat is peanut butter.
protein is good for rebuilding and making muscles bigger so it should be on your mind after working out but not to much of it. protein is in most fleshy food such as chicken,fish and turkey and other means of protein are eggs, grains and soy products

water is two thirds of are body so you should be drink it a lot to get rid off any bad chemicals in your system, you should drink 8 big cups a days of water
Btec level 2 first in sport, Rob Commons
Simple carbohydrates are
carbohydrates that have low
amount of sugar units which are broken down quickly.Examples:sweet and corn syrup
Complex carbohydrates
are carbohydrates that have many sugar units they usual take longer to digest. Examples:cereal and pasta
What i will be doing in this power point is a easy productive information power point for people to learn about nutrition and i used sport as football as it massive in most countries in the world so the reader will want to read about it, i will be doing a foward.
My player would eat simple and complex carbohydrates on the day of match as it would give him energy,i would have complex just before the game most likely chicken and rice to give me lots of energy to keep going. and at half time and then complex after the game to recover. He would defiantly need more carbohydrates.the effect it would give to him is the energy and the ethic to do play football, which gives his team a better chance of winning. He would eat a energy gel and lucazade at half time for energy to keep going in the second half. After the game he would eat the same complex usual as he needs to carry on thought the week or next weekend as of another game
polyunsaturated fats can help lower your cholesterol and can be found in some peanuts.
monounsaturated fats there is two they are omega 3 fatty acids,omega 6 fatty acids which are both good for you
my player would eat no fats before the game but he would might have nuts at half time which help with reducing the high blood pressure and lower cholesterol. after the match you could possible have tuna as its important you have fats in your diet just not a lot of it. now my player is have fat it will give him a little bit of strength.These are needed for energy has the have amounts of energy in them.
my player would eat protein after the match as it would rebuild his muscles and and it something you would eat usually as you would have a match in 7 days so its good for the next game and my player might have 3 eggs for the egg white as that's the protein. this will also give him more strength and will rebuild his muscles form his last game.
my player would be drinking water about 5-10 minutes of waking up to alert his body, that he is awake and ready to work and to clear toxins. next he would drink twice more before the match, he would take some water at half time and 2 more after the match and one before bed to keep your going through the night
vitamin A-is really important if you want normal eye sight, strong bones and body tissues, you can the vitamin from liver and orange vegetables.
vitamin C-it gives structure to your bones, cartilage, muscles and blood vessels. you get this from citrus fruits, broccoli and spinach.
vitamin D-vitamin D is important for bone and teeth to keep them health and can be found by sunlight, eggs and margarine.
vitamin E-vitamin E protects vitamin A and also fats from beening destroyed by destructive oxygen particles and also protects body tissue around the body and keep cell membranes in check.
vitamin K-vitamin K has one job to regulate blood clotting.

Vitamins B's
vitamin B-1-its for important for the function of body cells and the breaking down of carbohydrates, fats and protein for energy and oysters and green peas are two ways of getting it.
vitamin B-2-its needed for body growth and to release energy from carbohydrates, fats and protein and are two ways of getting it in dairy products, meat.
vitamin B-3-breaks down carbohydrates but also stores the energy from protein and fats aslo meat and poultry are two was getting it.
vitamin B-6-it builds and breaks down carbohydrates, fats and protein and also does the formation and rebuild of the nervous system
vitamin B-9-birth deficiency is one reason you need it and its is found in pasta and cereal
vitamin B-12-is need for normal processing for fats, carbohydrates and protein and and to keep in check the nervous system.

calcium-calcium is found in dairy products and salmon and is used for making strong teeth and bones.
zinc-it helps to recover wounds and can be found in meat, seafood and dairy products.
iron-its makes haemoglobin (transports red blood cells) and helps brain and nervous system to function. is in eggs and seafood.
iodine-it used for growth, energy production and also the development of the nervous system
sodium-is in many cell processes and is found in baking soda and table salt but it can lead too heart problems
Competition Day
Oats breakfast and water

good for the
the body as
it gives the biggest energy boost
Chicken and pasta
will give you loads energy as its early morning kick off
oats bars with two drinks of water
we need drink is it gives us energy
the night before
11:00am start of game
water and maybe an energy gel if feel like it
to give the energy for the match
11:47am half time
energy gel and lucosade
it gives me the energy to play and have more energy
full time
protein shake and a oats bar
energy needs to be recovered
salad with chicken
a banana and apricot
fish and rice with water
protein shake,water and cereal bar
hunger and health to keep in shape and its filled with protein
hunger and health
its filled also filled with protein and you would need it as you would have a game next week
to make sure that you all cleared of toxicins and are fit
how the food is prepared
smoking-is the process of flavoring, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to the smoke from burning plant materials.
frying-is cooking food in oil or a different fat
boiling-is when you boil water with food in it
baking- is done by uses prolonged dry heat by convection
roasting- the food may be placed on a rack in a roasting pan
grilling-is food on a grill then can be cooked at around 260c
what a balanced diet contains
a balanced diet is what it says, a balance of the diet and what you eat like carbohydrates, protein,oils and fats.
Diet is required to build up body tissues, provide enough energy, keep the body warm and keep up the good health of people
vitamins player
my player will need everything as everyone needs vitamins but there some he needs more than others which are vitamin c and b-2,3,6,12 are also vital for the process of the food groups so are needed in higher amounts of it
minerals player
my player will need zinc as if they have injury they will need the fastest way of getting back to the top level of football they can play and they will need calcium for a strong body so they bones are a lot stronger for striking a ball
rest day
water and oats of some sort for breakfast
get ready for the day and to give you energy
oats bar
hunger and energy for the run you would do
water and a bowl of fruit
energy from the fruit and to replace the sweat and clear your body from all toxins
creatine monohydrate
to make you train hard
chicken salad
hunger and for health for the next two hours of training
water(big bottle)
take out the toxins and replace the sweat
pasta and garlic bread
treat and carbohydrate to get energy
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