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All about a boy - Nick Hornby

No description

Christina Ja

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of All about a boy - Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby
About a Boy

von Christina Janssen
personal evaluation
single parenting
growing up, relationships and responsibility

from autumn 1993
to spring 1994


activities/interests: TV, videos, magazines, music,






split up when Marcus was eight years old
personal evaluation

twelve-year-old boy

earns more than 40.000 pounds a year
-> his dad wrote a Christmas song (1938)

Will does not want/need children
"they make you unhappy"
lives in a modern, high-tech apartment
strange thoughts,
seems very grown up for his age
38 years old
has a lot of work (gets 350 pounds a week)
-> does not have time for Marcus
lives in a small, obsolete apartment
-> reason: very influenced by his
no friends at school
kids at school bully him
realizes that he's capable of making his own decisions
Will invents a two-year-old boy and joins "SPAT"
-> meets Suzie
daughter: Megan
rising action
picnic with SPAT: Will meets Marcus
Fiona tries to kill herself
-> "things would never be the same again"
Marcus needs more people around him
Will wants to help Marcus & Fiona

Marcus wants to pair Will off with his mother
climax/turning point
Marcus finds out that Will does not have a boy

hippie, believes in alternative things
-> now he thinks he has Will in his grip
Marcus visits Will frequently after school
Will does not know how to deal with Marcus
works for Cambridge Social Services (does not earn much money)
text excerpt
Will notices that Marcus is being bullied
Will helps Marcus:
-> new trainers
-> advices (teenage behavior and interests)
new trainers are stolen the next day at school
Fiona finds out about the visits + the invented boy
-> forbids Marcus to visit Will
Nick Hornby
born 1957 in Surrey, England
graduated in English Literature at Cambridge University
taught English to foreigners
worked as a freelance journalist
published books: - Fever Pitch (1992)
- High Fidelity (1995)
- About a Boy (1998)
adapted for the cinema
lives in London
married, has a son
biography of Nick Hornby
she did not know about the problems at school

Marcus meets Ellie
school rebel
Kurt Cobain fan
Ellie thinks Marcus is funny -> they become friends
15 years old
She protects Marcus from "school bullies"
falling action
Christmas at Marcus' house
Suzie is angry with Will -> because of his lie
New Year's Eve Party
Will falls in love with Rachel
single mother
Will and Marcus are invited to Rachel's house

new glasses, hair cut, etc.
new interests (e.g. new favorite singers)
-> more teenage in his attitude
12 years old
Marcus and Ali become friends

Fiona gets depressed again
-> Marcus asks Will for help
Marcus' father has broken his arm
-> Marcus and Ellie want to visit him
Kurt Cobain is dead
-> Ellie destroys a window of a music shop
-> Marcus and Ellie are at the police station
Marcus' life has changed
Marcus does not want Ellie to be his girlfriend
-> he needs s.o. quieter, less different from himself
first time: shows his anger towards his father
"you are a useless father"
Marcus has grown up
knows a lot of different people
+ is able to find good friends
Marcus feels safer + more comfortable
Will takes Marcus and Ali out
feels better now -> is less worn down by everything
-> reason: Marcus is not hard to cope with
maybe wants to marry Rachel
Will changed his life
Fiona thinks she is losing his son
but Fiona has improved a lot
cool, distanced towards other people
gains responsibility
develops serious and close relationships
loses his shell of coolness and distance
comprehension questions
plot overview
comprehension questions
the development and change of Marcus
(being bullied -> having close friends)
bullying -> Marcus can withstand it by gaining self-confidence
single parenting
-> making a community of people who are
close to each other and care about each other
What kind of reasons come into your mind for Marcus' change?
Why isn't Fiona depressive anymore?
Where does the story takes place (setting)?
deals with common problems
of our community:
everyone needs a person, who can help to solve problems and who you can trust at
style and language
funny and interesting written story
easy to understand
shows Marcus' and Will's point of view
lives in Cambridge
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