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Should you chuck out the Product Owner!?!

No description

Karan Nangru

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Should you chuck out the Product Owner!?!

Should you chuck out the
Product Owner !?!

from happy to sad...
product owner failure modes...
ohh this is technical, so I should not be needed in the meeting!
multiple projects at a time
the Part time product owner
not empowered :(
fails to release early

product owner success modes...
...knowledge of the product
...has an eye for good UX
...is passionate about releasing early
...does not miss a team ceremony
...understands the team topology
...possesses good business acumen
...understands technology at a high level
...modular voice that pitches in accordance to target audience
...has the ability to motivate, lead and influence people.
...that's what they shout even if the developer
could think in line of the product!!
if the champion can, then empower!
every team has a champion, what's wrong if they can think in line of the product?
they being the PO shall mean redundancy removal!
If product ownership consumes ample time,
consider pair programming so that your code never dies!!
product owner in a nutshell...
Represent the needs and desires of the stakeholder community to an agile delivery team : -
Provide timely information and decisions on requirements and priority
Is an active participant in customer testing
Facilitate requirements gathering
Represent the Agile Team to the Stakeholders
Inspect and Adapt
.... that's how ideas mentioned in the coming slides came into existence!

Dear Scrum purists
.... you might not like to continue further ;)
the curious case of BlackBerry CallerId...
native PO residential address...
refactoring to patterns!!!
categorizing product owners...
the primary role of a PO...
the secondary role of a PO...
Represent the work of the agile team to the stakeholder community : -
Demo solution to the stakeholders
Release planning
Communicate team's status
Priority, scope and schedule negotiation
PO is a dedicated role...
let the developer be the PO...
Work smart, no smarter!!
ahhh, did we forget introducing ourselves?
Nidhi Arora
[Product Owner]
Twitter : Nidhi_Arora
LinkedIn : nidhi-arora
Karan Nangru
Twitter : KaranNangru
LinkedIn : karan-nangru
There are no stupid questions,
just stupid answers!!

...thank you!
ACT 1 : Good PO
Act 2 : Redundant PO
Meetings, meetings, meetings...
PO - Dev ... vice versa
Insecure PO...
Say no to long meetings!!
Team members focus on what they are good at!

Result :
Happy team, Satisfied stakeholders, MVP released in record time.
...landscaping different mindsets
Business ++ : Technology --

Business + : Technology +

Business - : Technology --
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