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Eastpoint Economic Development Plan

No description

Jackie Gorman

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Eastpoint Economic Development Plan

Help existing businesses
Attract new businesses
create jobs
capitol flow
Vibrant commercial corridor
Eastpoint Economic Development Plan
Model Buildings
Despite its economic challenges, the community is home to a number of existing businesses, which are important assets because of their strong ties to the community or their unique character.
Marketing Campaign
This campaign will highlight the area’s transformation for neighborhood residents and the entire city.

A chief goal of this marketing campaign is to expose businesses to the community’s assets and various economic incentives in hopes of attracting them to the area
design guidelines and improvements
a unified design scheme for the commercial corridors of Eastpoint will create a neighborhood identity and foster a vibrant sense of place that will attract and sustain businesses
the focus is on streetscape improvements, but also provide design guidelines for renovations and new developments
the goal of such design guidelines is to create a safe and pleasant public realm on the street level, which is attractive to potential businesses, existing tenants, and neighborhood residents

strategy: sustaining existing businesses
A blueprint for economic revitalization and the framework for long term economic success and stability
strategy: business recruiting
strategy: community events
so how do we fix it?
• Jackie Gorman, SAGE - Chair
• Joaquinn Arch, The Arch Center
• Beverly Watts Davis, CHOICE Neighborhood Initiative Director
• Laura Dixon, Spur Sports & Entertainment
• Mike Etienne, City of San Antonio
• Rene Garcia, City of San Antonio, Economic Development Department
• Paul Jimenez, City of San Antonio, Center City Development Office
• Kathy McCormick, San Antonio Housing Authority
• Bob McKinley, UTSA
• Richard Milk, San Antonio Housing Authority
• Jennifer Moriarity, Wells Fargo
• Sho Nakpodia, The Mighty Group
• Arrie Porter, CHOICE Neighborhood Initiative
• Veronica Marie Sanchez, CHOICE Neighborhood Initiative
• Norma Witherspoon, Nick’s Burnet Street Drugs
A diverse mix of businesses is desired for the community. There is currently little commercial variety in the area the plan is to attract government contractors, small start-ups, and creative-class businesses in order to create a healthier and sustainable local economy.
Step 1 - (now) attract non-retail businesses to area which will bring traffic into the community

Step 2 - (3 to 5 years) recruit neighborhood serving retail to serve employees and new residents
reality check
low per capita income
low residential density
unstable neighborhood retail
Government Contractors
Creative Class
Federal HUBZone
Local HUBZone
Federal Empowerment Zone
Neighborhood Empowerment Zone
Federal Promise Zone
Qualified Census Tracts
SAGE Grant Programs
Grow Eastside Fund
Victory Spark
Cafe Commerce
Large Business Recruitment
Eastpoint Tower
A unified marketing strategy is key to re-branding the Eastpoint Community as an attractive place for business and will also contribute to the overall transformation of the neighborhood.

The goal is not to create a new identity for the community, but rather to highlight its unique assets and history along with the revitalization and investment occurring there now in order to showcase it in a positive light.

In conjunction with the marketing campaign, neighborhood events and other programs will help to transform the Eastpoint Community’s image into a positive one while also potentially producing leaders from within the community who can contribute further towards the transformation process of the area.

The goal of these events is to attract residents from other regions of the city in the hope that upon visiting, they will recognize the potential and vibrancy of the Eastpoint Community and begin to perceive it as a unique and identifiable part of town. These events should make people feel safe and comfortable in Eastpoint and would promote community bonds within the neighborhood as well. As a result, businesses and their clients will be more attracted to the area.
Eastpoint Tower
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