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No description

begona rodriguez

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of ANASTASIA

Anastasia Born in june 18,1901 Perernof,Russia. Died in july 17,1918 Ekaterinburg, Russia Grand duches of Russia and Youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II (The last emperor of Russia). The Bolsheviks executed HER at age 17 with the other members of her immediate family the Romanov in the Russian revolution of 1917. Despite her privilage and status,Anastasia grew up to be a Remarkably warm, down-to-earth youn woman with a spinited personality. She was the darling of the family, popular with the Russian people. Anna Anderson is the name by which most know the self-identified Grand Duchess Anastasia.
During March of 1917 the Russian people revolt; Tsar Nicholas abdicates; a Provisional Government is formed; and eight months later the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, overthrow the Provisional Government and take over. The Bolsheviks later become the Communist Party and rule the Soviet Union until 1991.

Nineteen members of the Romanov family were executed in 1918, but a few survived the slaughter. In the 1920s, Anna Anderson claimed she was Anastasia Romanov and convinced many that she was the Last Duchess. Anderson died in 1960, but recent movies keep the story alive. In 1998 the remains of Tsar Nicholas II were officially placed in an honored tomb in Russia. The ceremony was attended by Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Those headlines served to fuel the interest in Anastasia one more time.

Did Anastasia really survive? Carolyn Meyer sees it this way. "I would love to believe that Anastasia escaped, but having read the grisly accounts of the execution and the disposal of the bodies, I simply don't think it was possible for anyone to have survived. But what if, against all odds and all evidence, she did manage somehow to escape? That is the romantic fantasy that is so appealing to so many people."

Persistent rumors of her possible escape have circulated since her death, fueled by the fact that the location of her burial was unknown during the decades of Communist rule. MOVIES AND BOOKS... By: Begona Rodriguez
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