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Copy of OP ART is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is also FUN!

katie sabal

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of Copy of OP ART is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



is CRAZY!!!!!!!
Op art or optical art is a style of visual art that creates optical illusions.

Op Art exists to fool the eye!!!!!!!!!!
You find:
hidden images,
geometrical shapes,
color contrast,
repetition of simple forms and colors, flashing and vibration

But if you look at an Op art for a long time, you feel dizzy and sick.
Victor Vasarely
He is best known as Op Art’s father.
He was born in Hungary in 1908.
His work "Zebra " is consired one of the earliest examples of Op art.
He also made sculptures.
Vasarely died in Paris in 1997.
Op Art derived from the constructivist movement, originated in Russia in 1919.

Then a school called The Bauhaus was founded in Germany in 1919 by Walter Gropius inspired on the constructivist movement. The Bauhaus School combined crafts and fine arts. The School closed in 1933 because of the Nazi took power. But many instructors fled to the United States where the movement took root in Chicago.

The term first “OP” appeared in print in Time Magazine in October 1964. In April 1965, the first Op Art exhibition was held at the Museum of Modern Art In New York.
Another European German Artist was Josef Albers.
He experimented with visual effects one color next to another.
He was a designer, photographer, typographer, printmaker and poet.
His most famous paintings and prints are in a series called Homage to the Square.
He died in 1976.
Josef Albers
Others artists well known artists of Op art are:
Bridget Riley,
Julian Stanczak and
Richard Anuskiewicz
Many pieces of Op Art are made only in black and white. But in 1966, Bridget Riley began to produce color-based op art.
Bridget Riley
Julian Stanczak
Richard Anuskiewics
Op art is fun and playful.
OP Art helps Elementary Students to:
• Explore the use of geometric shapes in art
• Develop skills in pattern
• Work with positive and negative shape
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