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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Impact in America and around the

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Katherine Kurtt

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Impact in America and around the

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Impact in America and around the World

Early Life
Full name Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and also nicknamed "Jackie O"
Born July 28, 1929 in Southampton, New York
Came from a very wealthy family
Father was a New York stockbroker
Mother was a successful equestrinenne.
A teacher of her's said she was, "a darling child, the prettiest little girl, very clever, very artistic..."
Childhood and Teenage years
Onassis enjoyed ballet and French speaking lessons and horseback riding.
She also attended a prestigious boarding school known for its strict academics and teaching of the art of manners and conversation.
Attended Vassar University in New York
After her schooling she got a job at the Washington Times Herald newspaper as a photographer.
Becoming First Lady
1952- Met John F. Kennedy, a attractive young congressman from Massachusetts, at a dinner party.
1953- John F. Kennedy and Miss Onassis were married on September 12, 1957.
1957- They had their first child Caroline Kennedy.
Her Mission as First Lady
She aspired to make the White House into an American History museum.
The idea was that if Americans visit the White House, they will build more patriotism for their country.
She was committed to finding U.S. artifacts to put into add to the "museum"
The goal was to "restore" the White House not just "redecorate it"
Jackie as a child
Impact on Women
Identified to women as an amazing wife and mother.
Contributed to the "baby boom"
JFK and Jackie had four children together but two died after birth.
Kennedy became a role model to women for:
fashion sense
the way women run their homes
Kennedy was against the "typical housewife" and inspired an era of non-traditional housewives.
however was not feminist, just made a new image of the First Lady.
The Kennedy Family enjoying time in the sun
Kennedy and her proper stature
Embracing her motherly role
Her impact to the U.S.
Supported America's fine arts and performing arts programs
As a child she attended ballet classes at the Metropolitan Opera House
She also symbolized the "American Dream"
Many children
Large family
The Kennedy Family was and still is a iconic image for the All-American family.
After her husband's death, she directed his funeral and remained a very strong woman.
She remained strong through the whole service and into her mourning period.
Impact on fashion and design
Very elegant and simple style
Known for her:
bold colors choices
solid colors and she did not like patterns
She also embraced the "mom" image that we have today
sporty tops
First time women saw they didn't need to dress "properly" constantly
Her fashions that influence us today
The "Bugged Eye" sunglasses
Fit and Flare Dresses
The A-line dress

When Tragedy Struck
In the fall of 1963, JFK was preparing for his next campaign as president.
During his campaign route, JFK stops in Dallas and with his wife enter a limosine to a luncheon.
The route was taken through out Dallas and their vehicle was a convertible.
November 22, 1963 around 12:30 shots were fired and Mr. Kennedy was hit.
He died 30 minutes later and at 2:38 Vice Pres. Johnson was sworn into office.
**Ms. Kennedy still wearing the suit with her husband's blood on it
Her legacy still lives today
"Bugged-Eyed" sunglasses
After JFK's Death
5 years after JFK's assassination, Jackie married a wealthy Greek man named Aristotle Onassis.
Mr. Onassis died in 1975
Jackie's Death
She died May 19, 1994 of Cancer in the Lymphatic System
She was 64 years old.
POP Quiz
- What was Jackie wearing when her husband (JFK) was assassinated?

-What was Jackie known for as her role as the First Lady?
***Winners gets candy***
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