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HR OrIentation

No description

phuong trang

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of HR OrIentation

Take Aways
There are changes that HR needs from business managers to foster an alliance with the business.
There are changes that HR needs within the HR field itself, to be perceived as a valued, strategic, business-savvy partner.
HR Orientation
Role of HR Business Partner
How We get there?
Six competencies HRCRS means
how they are operational
Take away
About NECB
NECB was founded in 1909 and has evolved from regional training institution to an accredited Bachelors and Masters Degree
All courses are offered 100% through state of the art Canvas e-Learning system
Comprehensive faulty from academic researchers to seasoned business leaders with rich of experiences and knowledge.
Offering a balance work life and family with advantage education
Affordable Tuition
Role of HR Business Partner
To be a strategic partner to managers/leaders, an employee sponsor or advocate, and a change mentor
NECB business managers' team would like to welcome all of our newly hired human resource professionals. Today, we would like to introduce a new innovation of human resource management.

HR professionals can be most effective and be valuable contributors to the goals of the organization.

The set of competencies for successful HR professionals has changed

HR Roles
Change Champion, HR innovator and integrator, Strategic positioner, Technology proponent, Capability builder, and Credible Activist.
Be a strategic partner
Be a creator and innovator
Strategic positioner
Six Competencies
Capability builder
Measurement Tools Utilized
Capability Audit
Communication Audit
Signature Experience
Affordable private college
a winner of the ECA Excellence in Teaching Award
Workplace Wellness Programs

Play a recurring roles as business' strategic partner
Earning Trust through result
Influencing and relating to others
Improving through self-awareness
Shaping the HR profession
Credible Activist
A critical role in generating an innovative culture within organization
HR innovator and integrator
Technology Proponent
Technology-connect employees, allow collaboration, identify new talent, generate new ideas, and share best practices all via a social networking websites
Problem solving
Change Champion
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