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Joy Luck

No description

Corey Smith

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Joy Luck

An-Mei Ghost Mother Dead Father Rose Hsu Husband Ted An-mei's Life Ghost Mother leaves her Lives with Popo Ghost Mother returns to make Arm soup
Popo is dying An-mei leaves with Ghost Mother Lives at the city house in Tienstsin Learns the difference between what is fake and what is true
Receives the sapphire ring from "Ghost Mother" 5th wives joins the house Ghost Mother commites suicide Moves to American with faith in her nengkan-Her innate ability to do whatever she sets her mind to Bing falls into the sea, and drowns An-mei offers tea and the sapphire ring to the sea god to return Bing Bing does not return, and An-mei loses her faith An-mei-Themes High vs Low Context Cultures Strength of Character/Power of Will Stoicism Faith vs Fate "I tell you the story because I was raised the Chinese way. I was taught to desire nothing, to swallow other people's misery, and to eat my own bitterness. And even though I taught my daughter the opposite, still she came out the same way. Maybe it is because she was born to me and she was born a girl, and I was born to my mother and I was born a girl, all of us like stairs, one step after another, going up, going down, but always going the same way. No, this cannot be, this not knowing what you're worth, this not begin with you. My mother not know her worth until too late - too late for her, but not for me. Now we will see if not too late for you, hmm?" -An-mei Quotation THE END
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