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In Times of Peace

No description

Rebecca Lim

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of In Times of Peace

In Times of Peace
John Agard
speaker- melancholic, nostalgic, hindsight
author- jaded
Symbolism - body parts
Personification - death of weapons, finger dealing with skin, feet coping with bubble bath
Metaphor - Stanza 1 - not knowing how to love anymore
-Stanza 4-5 - not being prepared for peace
Alliteration - Will war-worn

In our opinion the title of this poem indicates a moment when the world at peace. There is no war and no hardship. It seems like a happy poem.
Stanza 1. Soldiers are used to holding guns. They may have forgotten how it feels to hold someone they love.

Stanza 2. Soldiers' feet are so used to war and death that a bubble bath seems unfit.

Paraphrase contd...
Stanza 3. Since war is so fast-paced, soldiers will have a hard time adjusting to a slow pace of everyday life.

Stanza 4. How do soldiers pull away from the mentality of war? its become a part of them because they are so used to it.

Stanza 5. Are soldiers ready for a sight other than war?
Change in body parts to describe different problems (symbolism)
Confirms part of initial prediction
Contrast between war and peace, repercussions of war on soldiers, damaged when they come home
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