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Ping Pong

No description

lis lab3

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Ping Pong

Perfect Ping Pong
By: Miles and Stevie
Ping Pong is a sport that is not to popular but is still played now.
Ping Pong is mostly played in USA and England.
There are five little known facts about Ping Pong.
One of these interesting facts are, that the table in Ping Pong measures 40 millimeters.
Another fact is that the Ping Pong table stands 2.5 ft off the ground; usually
This is a intresting fact, the Ping Pong ball is usually
hollow. Also in the 1900 the Ping Pong ball was made out of cork and rubber
Interesting Fact
Were are going to tell
you a few interesting facts about
Ping Pong
And the last intresting fact is that if you have your own Ping Pong racket it may be any shape or size.
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