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The Impact of Ecotourism on Malawi's National Parks

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Marit Bakken

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of The Impact of Ecotourism on Malawi's National Parks

The Impact of Ecotourism on Malawi's National Parks
Definition of Ecotourism
Ecotourism is defined as the practice of touring natural habitats in a manner meant to minimize ecological impact.
Proven Benefits of Ecotourism
After implementation in Kenya, it's estimated that each elephant in Kenya generates $14,375 in tourist revenues
That's $200 million a year
Average economic value of viewing flamingos in Kenya - $7.5 - 15 million a year
Economic Benefits of Ecotourism
Creates sustainable jobs for local people
Promotes and creates employment in conservation and park security
Tries to provide higher wages than what poaching would provide
Promotes education
Has the potential to be a major revenue source for a country
Mvuu Lodge: A success story
Roadblocks to Success
Revenue generated must go to the correct outlet and stay in Africa
Corruption is rampant
Ecotourism is costly, a country must generate more money than they spend
Malawi's transportation system is inconvenient and rustic
Government agencies must learn to work together
by Marit Bakken
Environmental Benefits of Ecotourism
Preserves and protects wildlife populations
Educates tourists and locals about animals being natural resources
Re-introduces many endangered animal species
Protects natural habitats as well
Provides a protected area for wildlife to thrive, not just survive
Roadblocks to Success
Poaching is still a huge threat due to a booming market for animal parts in Asia
Are national parks the right solution for protecting wildlife?
Wildlife numbers have only rarely stabilized, and haven't increased
Ecotourism could be the last hope for a poor African country like Malawi, and with careful regulation and the proper support system, ecotourism could provide for the protection of endangered wildlife and economic and social growth in Malawi.
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