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Unit 5: Sports Coaching: Fitness Assessments, Goal Setting, and Simulation

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Dominic Volante

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Unit 5: Sports Coaching: Fitness Assessments, Goal Setting, and Simulation

Know the Roles, responsibilities and Skills of Sports Coaches
Role Model
Health & Safety
Knowledge of the
Coaching Environment
Professional Conduct
Legal Obligations
Equal Opportunities
Time Management
Problem Solving
Know the techniques used by coaches to improve the performance of athletes
Fitness Assessment
Designing Effective Practice Sessions

Simulation modeling
Effective demonstration
Technical instruction
Adapting practices to meet individual needs
Performance Profiling
Observation analysis
Goal setting
Observational Analysis can be used in two ways. Firstly, in teaching and coaching; therefore providing the learner with detailed feedback in order to improve performance. Secondly, it can be used for differentiating between performances in competitive sport.

Can you name the 5 components of health?

Can you name the 6 components of skill?

Do you know the tests for measuring each?

Show diagrams of each test!

We measure so we can assess the level they are at and what they need to do to improve
Simulated practices:
e.g conditioned games: Replicates elements of a game the coach is trying to work on.
A coach may have drills whereby there are less defenders and more attackers. The session may be focusing on scoring so the attack is the most important element.

A coach may replicate the environment:
Train within the stadium, train at altitude, train at the game time.

Give me examples of conditions a coach may
put on a game to improve one element of

Name a sport where altitude simulation would
be an important part of training?
Unit 5 Sports Coaching: Assignment 2: Techniques of a Sports Coach
Fitness Assessment, Goal Setting, Simulation
Individual Needs
A coach needs to know the needs of the individual.
A coach needs to be tactful when dealing with individuals.
A coach needs to maintain confidence and motivation of their athletes.
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