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No description

Constanza Yañez

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Euromonitor

Euromonitor is the leader in strategy research for consumer markets

Established in 1972 --> by 2013 Euromonitor has analysts in 80 countries that provide you the information about consumer’s story doing market research and survey focused.

We supply market research and surveys focused in your organization’s need from socio-economic context to the smallest products or markets in every region, country, category and channel.

We ensure that national reports explain the data trends and provide clear insights into the local market dynamics.

Reserch Methodology
We believe the strongest approach is to use analysts on the ground 
1.-Fluency in local language,
2.-Physical proximity to the best sources,
3.-An ability to engage directly with local industry contacts,
4.- And an awareness of how the products and services we study are advertised, sold and consumed.
Research structure:
1) local researchers on the ground…
2) coordinated by regional specialists in our offices…
3) supported by international-level researchers in our offices…
4) overseen by industry-specialist project managers who liaise with our clients.
We always use people in the field for in-depth secondary and primary research work.


Reserch Monitor:


The most important and complete global market information system.

Library reference books

The complete reference information database.
Passport is Euromonitor International's global market analysis software platform
Industry in countries around
the world
Connect market research with the needs of your company.
Passport provides:




Breaking news

About: Consumers,
Industries and Countries worldwide
Into Passport
The home page is divided in 3 sections

Passport will help you to find your global research
My Page
1- Update your personal settings

2- See your subscription

3- Save your downloads and searches

Powerful section in Passport
Personalized your search using filters that will help you to get the information that you need using the:
Result List: It will give you a complete list of the topic that you
are interested.
Statistic: Will give you the hard numbers and the most relevant information about your search.
Analysis: Will have a complete analysis and you will find related content list
Will give you a quickly high level data
You are able to visualize the information with:
graphics, maps, numbers, colors, etc.
Why Passport?
- Relatively low cost for all countries
- Coverage of the whole retail universe for each product
- Global geographic coverage
- Standardised coverage and definitions for international comparability of data unmatched by other sources
- Analysis of why as well as what
- User-friendly reference tool on new products, brands and markets
- Research and IT support from us
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