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What techniques are currently used to localize and treat tumors of the brain.

i will be discussing treatments and how they are localized to be treated.

kirstie freeman

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of What techniques are currently used to localize and treat tumors of the brain.

what techniques are currently used to localize and treat tumors of the brain?

http://www.radiologyinfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=thera-brain Brain Tumors Overview A brain tumor is a group of abnormal cells that grows in or around the brain. Tumors can directly destroy healthy brain cells. They can also indirectly damage healthy cells by crowding other parts of the brain and causing inflammation, brain swelling and pressure within the skull.

Brain tumors are either malignant or benign. A malignant tumor, also called brain cancer, grows rapidly and often invades or crowds healthy areas of the brain. Benign brain tumors do not contain cancer cells. They look normal under a microscope and are usually slow growing.

Types of brain tumors Brain tumor categories Primary
Metastatic Primary brain tumors begin within the brain. A metastatic tumor is formed when cancer cells located elsewhere in the body break away and travel to the brain. For this reason, metastatic brain tumors are almost always malignant, while primary brain tumors may be benign or malignant.
Treatments and Therapies. The type of treatment recommended depends on the size and type of the tumor, its growth rate, and the general health of the patient. Treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted biological agents, or a combination of these. Surgical resection (if safe) is generally the first treatment recommendation to reduce pressure in the brain rapidly. In the past two decades, researchers have developed new techniques of delivering radiation that target the brain tumor while protecting nearby healthy tissues. The treatments and techniques are called:
1. Brachytherapy(www.RadiologyInfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=brachy)
2. Intensity-modulated radiation therapyor IMRT
radiosurgery. www.RadiologyInfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=imrt www.RadiologyInfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=imrt www.RadiologyInfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=brachy Sources:

IMRT- is an advanced mode of high-precision radiotherapy that utilizes computer-controlled linear accelerators to deliver precise radiation doses to a malignant tumor or specific areas within the tumor.

Brachytherapy- A form of radiation therapy in which radioactive seeds or pellets which emit radiation are implanted in order to kill surrounding tissue kirstie freeman loves you
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