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Do you wanna become legend?

Jindrich Andera

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Newsletter

At begining there was stereotype. Do you wanna know more about our newsletter? Every issue was almost same. It was irregular. It look like this: But then change have come! During summer new thing was created! Regular times of newsletters were established. every three weeks fresh news form LC informations out of LC also added Themes of newsletter are related to LC focus. or season So some numbers about it Every issue... have at least 11 subscribers have about 5 pages in average takes 12 hours to create is read by almost every MC member is the most read newsletter in AIESEC CR stated as best newsletter by MC PR and MC CR was read in more than 6 countries around the world but there is chance for you to be part of this We are looking for your ideas for creativity there is new competition for you... DDL is on sunday at midnight on email jindrich.andera@aiesec.cz and what is about? create design for next newsletter about specification contact Jindra and final designs send have 26 issues
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