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michelle lucas

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mattraville N.S.W.
My Family
My Journey by Michelle
Leaving England
Ships, remind me straight away of when we left England in 1967 on the Castel Felice. As a 4 and a half year old my memories are few but they are good. There was my Mum And Dad and 3 siblings. Ten pound poms.
We moved to Engadine ?
Where on earth was Engadine?
A much darker experience
And Now Uni...
A wonderful experience !
Love sailing
Love the ocean
Love dolphins
Love waves
Love whales
The ship I came out on was

The love boat, because now...
I'm sorry
I'm sorry but I don't like it.

Mum and Dad found this place in the back of beyond or so it seemed back then
It turned out to be the best place in the worl to grow up; in the bush, with rivers and beaches nearby !
The Sutherland Shire
Turned out it was in the
And drop bears !
I loved primary school, great teachers, great friends.
High school a real low point in my life
We went ice skating as often as we could, at Canterbury skating rink. Suzie Q playing in the background !
I am enjoying this degree so much, I love to learn and am finding online learning a whole new world of fun and frustration.
This how my Online Uni looks in my head
My 8 year old twin grandsons Lachie and Jai, cute little monkeys.
I have two wonderful children, who live nearby and my two Grandsons. So life is never dull.
This pic reminds me of..

And lets not mention funnel webs
South Cronulla
Garie Beach
This reminds me of family times.
Camping was always a family favourite.
Tin cans remind me of the first place we lived in
Australia 'Bunnerrong Immigrant Hostel Mattraville'. They were old army barracks I think, and looked like tin cans laid on their sides, and cut in half. It was also the first place that I was introduced to Vegimite.
There was a place nearby called La- Perouse and a man had a snake pit that he used to do demonstrations of snakes and reptiles for everyone. He would give talks on all the other dangerous critters that there are in Australia. We are all going to die !!! why did Dad bring us here?
Or Red backs
Horse riding was another
The needles at Engadine. Spent so much time down here. Great fun, but on a hot summers day walking back up the gully ... Good job they built the pool so we could cool off on the way home !
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