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"The Dead and the Gone"

No description

Kevin Yon

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of "The Dead and the Gone"

Theme Statement
In the novel titled "The Dead and the Gone", by Susan Beth Pfeffer wrote about survival by describing how the position of the moon affects the world greatly and how Alex, Bri, and Julie needs to do anything to survive.

The Dead and the Gone
by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Rising Action
Falling Action
Inciting Incident
An asteroid hit the moon and it changed it's position
slightly on May 18 at night.

Alex's family lives in New York.Alex's father is in
Puerto Rico for his grandmother's funeral and
his mother is needed at the hospital for a big
emergency. Also, his brother is in the Marines so Alex is
the only one who can take ofhis two sisters, Bri and Julie.
Summary Plot Map
Chapter 1
Text Structure
In the book, "The Dead and the Gone", the book is divided
into chapters and the narrator is in a third person point
of view throughout the book.
Bri came back since it got too cold so their crops froze. Some of them got sick so they got asthma. So Bri couldn't live in basement anymore.
Word Choice
The word choice is strong and the sentence fluency is varied. The words that Susan Beth Pfeffer uses in the book best describes her writing style and I believe her writing style is simple.
Chapter 11
Alex and Julie gets to leave New York with
Sister Rita to Saint Ursula College in Georgia.
Chapter 19
Bri was missing for a few days and Alex and Julie had found
that she had died in the elevator since the power went out
and she was curled up in a ball on the elevator floor.
Chapter 19
Alex, Bri, and Julie has to move up stairs to apartment
twelve B in basements, they grow mold so it wouldn't be
good for any that has asthma.
Chapter 12
"'He's in Puerto Rico for my grandmother's funeral.'"
"'He's in the Marines.' Alex said. 'He's stationed at Twentynine Palms, in California.'"
"'The hospital called,' Briana said. 'A little while ago. Mami said it's a really big emergency and they need everybody.'"
"'But the moon was supposed to get hit tonight by an asteroid or something.'"
"'There's a small convent in upstate New York,' Father Franco said."
"'We'll leave a note for them,' Alex said. 'On the table where they'll be sure to see it. We're not moving far anyway. Just upstairs to apartment twelve B.
"The elevator doors pulled open,and the all-too-familiar stench of death greeted them before they saw the body of their sister curled up in a ball on the elevator floor."
"'Me and two other girls. Sister Anne got us to a doctor, and he said we have adult-onset asthma.'"
"Almost in spite of himself, he bent down, trying to save the child, and as soon as he did, he lost Julie."
"'But at his insistence, I 'll be going tomorrow on a bus to the campus of Saint Ursula College, in Georgia.
Alex got three passes from Mr. Flynn(Chris's father)to
leave in a convoy on December twelfth but
convoys were canceled due to the quarantine.
Chapter 14-Chapter 17
Bri went to a convent in upstate New York where
she will work on a farm and they will be educated
by the sisters.
Chapter 5
Chapter 1
Chapter 3
Alex went to the Yankee Stadium to look
for his mother in case she really was dead
but he couldn't find her.
When Alex and Julie were waiting in line for a bag of food, they
ran out of food and everyone was angry so it turned into chaos.
Someone or something cut Alex's face and when he reached down to save a child from being trampled, he lost Julie. But he managed to get her back.
Chapter 7
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