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Unit 22

No description

Ruth Harwood

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Unit 22

Unit 22 overview 10.04.14
You gave a talk (on gaps in provision) for your chosen area of interest and provided extra notes too for the first part AND you wrote a detailed report on ethical principles and ethical issues
You included validity, bias, reliability as well as ethics
Assignment 2
P3 - Compare different research methodologies for HSC
D1 - Assess research methodologies (how does each ensure validity)
You produced a written report
Your Assignment 2 report had compare and assess:
Observations, interviews, questionnaires,
focus groups, clinical studies,
secondary research
then you were ready to complete assignments 3 & 4
Unit 22 - recap so far
Assignment 1 - P1 - Explain the function of research in HSC
P2 - Discuss ethical issues relating to HSC
M1 - Discuss the function of research in
your chosen area of interest
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