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Cast Iron: An Invention of Ancient China

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on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Cast Iron: An Invention of Ancient China

Cast Iron: An Invention of Ancient China
By Karin Alsop, Claire Deng, & Karen Kwan
A drawing of an early blast furnace
inventor unknown
earliest cast iron artifact found in Jiangsu
Mass-production began in the Han dynasty.
At the time of its invention, cast iron had many uses.
Iron scissors
Monuments and Statues
Farming Equipment
Since the discovery of steel, iron (both cast and wrought) has become less common, as steel is generally stronger.

Cast iron is still used in buildings, although they are usually older or decorative ones.
Ornate gates and fences.
Cookware and teapots
Pipes used in modern-day buildings.
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In 1722 in Europe, a different type of cast iron was made.
Cast Iron:
An alloy of iron
made with a blast furnace

Pots and pans were able to be made with narrow sides.
The Han Dynasty:
206 B.C.E. to 220 C.E.
Founded by Liu Bang

Salt could be mass-produced.
Natural gas industry
European use started in the 1300s

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