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10 things about me!!! By:Madison Chestnut

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of 10 things about me!!! By:Madison Chestnut

10 things about me!!!
By: Madison Chestnut

I love puppy's!!!!
Dogs make it so you can cuddle with them and they are adorable!!!
I love shoes!!!
They are so coumvterble and cute!!!
I love my family!!!
I love Friends!!!
They always there when I need them!!!
I love clothes!!!
They make it so you are comfortable!
They are nice and tell you anything!!!
I dislike snakes!!!
They are sneekie and grose!!!
I dislike trianchelas!!!
They are really grose and
have to much legs!!!
I dislike clowns!!!
They are SO scary!! There also ugly!
I dislike the cold!!!
I hate when I am cold!, but I love christmas!
I dislike sharks!!!
They are way to scary and mean!!!
I love clothes and hate clowns!!!
Clothes are nice! clowns ARE NOT! Clowns ARE CREEPY, UGLY, AND WEIRD! Clothes are cute and cool! I hate clowns!
I love my family and hate the cold!!!
My family is always there when I need them!! The cold is not fun!! I love my family. They are nice. The cold makes me freeze! It! You can hang out with your family in the cold, but I still dont like it!
I love puppies but hate snakes!!!
Puppies are way cuter than snakes! PuppSnakes are mean to you! Snakes are mean to your puppy's. Some people may argue that puppy's are mean to you, and just pee every were, but I think they are really nice. Puppy's are way better than snakes!!!
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