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Careers in tourism

No description

Vlad Salajan

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Careers in tourism

THE 5 INDUSTRIES IN TOURISM Food and beverage This industry is good for people starting their careers. Food and beverage has been one of the largest tourism industry. Food and beverage outlets can include restaurants, fast food services, bars, pubs, etc. Kitchen service, room service staff, sous chef, counter attendant, host, food and beverage servers and bartenders are some of the jobs that are available. Food and beverage server Sous chef Sous Chef supervises stuff happening in the kitchen with the chefs, cooks, and other kitchen workers. The Sous Chef show new techniques and equipment to the staff. They plan menus, requisition food, and kitchen supplies. They also prepare and cook meals or specialty foods. The Sous Chef is second in command unless the head chef is not available. To become a Sous Chef you need to have a few years’ experience as a chef, also if you have a culinary arts degree it will help you get this job it is not required though. Transportation is an essential part of tourism industry. Four modes of the transportation sectors are air, road, rail and marine. Road and air are commonly used. They also employed 250 million canadians to work on these four modes of transportation. Transportation Air Road Most Canadians and foreign tourists travel by road. There is a lot of opportunities for many ground transportation businesses. Examples are shuttle buses, taxis and cabs and car rental companies. Accommodation The Accommodation industry provides a place for people to sleep, or rest. Tourist often chose to go there, as they are touring another part of the world, or other reasons, such a business trips. Front desk agent The Front desk Agent is responsible for picking up calls regarding to hotel reservations, make reservations, and answer to people's question and concerns. This job pays around 9-14 dollars and hour, depending on your skill, or where you work.
You usually work at hotels. Training and education.
A secondary school diploma is required
Post-secondary training in tourism or hotel management is an asset
Excellent communication skills
Professional attitude
Good organizational skills
Previous experience in customer service is an asset
Ability to use a variety of computer applications
Cash handling experience is an asset
Administrative skills
Time management skills
Ability to speak a second language is an asset
Working knowledge of the facility, services and local area Housekeeping Room Attendant The Housekeeping Room Attendant stocks and sorts supplies in linen closets and on housekeeper's
carts, vacuums, cleans, dusts and polishes guests' rooms, make beds, change sheets, and remove and
replace used towels and toiletries. The salary includes around 12-14 dollars an hour.
You usually find work for this job, at hotels, motels, or other places that require this skill Training and education.
A secondary school diploma is preferred
Physical mobility and stamina required
Ability to follow instruction
Professional attitude is required
Ability to work independently
Excellent time management skills
Bondable is generally required
Previous customer service experience may be required
Good communication skills are an asset
Good organizational skills
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is an asset RECREATION & ENTERTAINMENT This industry, provided tourist with fun things to do while they are visiting other places. Retail Sales Clerk The Retail Sales Clerk greets customers and offers assistance. He/she follows established
cash-handling procedures, provides information on products and services, maintains records, handles
customer comments, complaints and requests, and prepares merchandise for display. Head of Visitor Services
Supervisory/Management The Head of Visitor Services presents information to visitors to the attraction and ensures they feel
welcome, safe and comfortable Food and beverage servers request orders from and serve food and beverages to guests. They are employed in restaurants, dining rooms, fast food outlets, hotels, private clubs, convention centers and on cruise ships. They are very familiar with the foods and beverages that are served at the establishment in which they work. This position is fast-paced, especially during busy times. They can also also get meals or discounts on meals when their at work. hgf Good communication skills are required of food and beverage servers, as is a professional appearance and attitude. Excellent customer service skills are also required, as is cash handling experience. In addition, food and beverage servers must be of legal drinking age if they are serving alcohol. Desirable skills and experience include time management skills, knowledge of health and safety regulations, and knowledge of the products, facility, sector and industry. A secondary school diploma is preferred. Courses in responsible alcohol service, safe food handling, first aid and service excellence are assets. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training and certification as a Food and Beverage Server. Travel services This industry, is there to help people get around in the world, to parts of the world where the only way to get there is by air, or water. This industry, offers people with a change to fly to where they need to get, or to take the boat on water and get there, along with many other ways of traveling such as buses, taxis, and trains. Travel Counselor A professional Travel Counsellor advises clients on travel options and tour packages, makes booking
and reservations, and prepares tickets. Air is the primary mode of domestic and foreign travel. It is also one of the easiest way to get from one place to another that's far. Air transportation is also attractive for people who like employment that offers travel benefits. Reservation Sales Agent A professional Reservations Sales Agent is a frontline professional who facilitates the promotion, sales and bookings of a company's products and services,
communicates and works effectively with clients and other staff, and handles office equipment Education Skills THE END! By: Vlad & Karmen
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