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Ocean Awareness Project

No description

Loughrea Youth Project

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of Ocean Awareness Project

Our Ocean, Our Community, Our future
Mario Ruivo Prize 2016
Youth Work Ireland Galway, Loughrea Youth Project
Our Ocean, Our Community, Our Future.
How are we going to do it?
We consulted with two main groups on how we were going to make the idea for our community a reality, they were:

People who we will be working with
Young people in our community.
Marine Institute.
Local Retailers.
National Hot Air Balloon Championships.
2018 Galway European Region of Gastronomy.
Galway City and County Comháirle na nÓg (Youth Representatives in the Region).
Local Fishmongers.

We plan on using social media to publish our 50 Days of Marine Facts to connect with the younger generations within our community. We hope to use creative means to broadcast our message.
Our Project
Our project is made up of three main sections:

Paint the Town Blue

50 days of Marine Facts

Community Involvement
Step two: plan it
Paint The Town Blue
Community Involvement
50 Days of Marine Facts
Our first event will be to take part in the National Sea Fest 2016 which is taking place in Galway. We want to connect with the professionals in order to raise awareness for our cause and get more support.
We will start discussions with our local retailers to reduce their packaging and buy from more sustainable seafood sources and introduce them to the Paint the Town Blue Initiative.
10th August:
We will start our marine facts on this day so that we can finish on the World Maritime Day on the 29th September, the same time as the National Hot Air Balloon Championships ithat are being held in our home town.
27th August:
Launch Event, we hope to launch our project at a Cooking Demonstration to show our whole community that fish can be enjoyed through sustainable means and that are less endangered.
29th September:
Another awareness raising event will be at the Hot Air Balloon championships, where we will have a stall with games and facts for all ages.

50 Days of Marine Facts
Paint the Town Blue
Our plan to improve our town's marine sustainability is to encourage retailers to consider changing the amount of packaging that they use. We also hope that they will source fish from more sustainable sources. Also, that they will encourage refillable products.
Community Involvment
We will encourage our community to get as involved as possible in the project through Art Installations made from recyclable sources. They will also be able to donate plastic for our project. They will be the target audience in our Cooking Demonstration so that we can show them how they can make a difference in their own lives.
Mirta Smodlaka Tankovic
Splash – protect our oceans! Workshop at the European Parliament
Marine Institute
Publicizing Our Project
We will publicize our project through:

Social Media
Linking with Local Schools (Primary and Secondary)
County Council
Local Newspapers
Media Blitzes which represent our message.
Our main expenses involve paying for Cooking Demonstration (Equipment, Chef, Venue) should be at least €600. Our promotional equipment should cost €250 and more money will spent on craft material.
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