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The Big Idea - Vim Liquid Dishwashing Soap

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Tanvi More

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The Big Idea - Vim Liquid Dishwashing Soap

Vim Liquid Dishwashing Soap

One drop is enough for an entire session of utensils gathered in one meal.

It is not time consuming and leaves your vessel clean and fresh.

It also leaves a fresh Lemon fragrance.

The Mediums of Television and Print are the MOST essential mediums for this product.

The Other mediums that could have an impact on the target audience would be through Radio and Cinema theatres.

A campaign to teach women how one drop of liquid is enough for an entire batch of utensils. So a sink set up in the middle of a busy low lying area.

About the product
Vim is the name of a range of Dishwashing products produced by Hindustan Unilever . Vim Dishwashing product is available in the form of powder, bar, and their latest product is the Vim Dishwashing Liquid.

Client Profile
Vim was the original dishwashing brand that invented the whole category of bars, powder and liquid dishwashing soaps.
Vim is sold in four continents and is the leading dishwashing brand in twenty countries, and is available to more than 2 billion people around the world.

Vim Liquid Dishwashing Soap
Because of repeated complaints from the consumers that the Vim Bar and Powder are inconvenient to use, Vim launched its latest product the Vim Liquid Dishwashing soap.
One single drop of Vim Liquid is powerful enough to remove the grease from the dishes and bowls.
The combination of natural products such as lime, vinegar and green tea makes Vim Liquid Dishwashing Soap more influential and strong which easily removes the stains and lubricants from the vessels and leaves a fresh fragrance.

Age - Between 24 - 45 year olds
Sex - Women
Occupation - Every occupation
Thought Process of the people
According to Surveys
On the basis of the research done on the
consumption of this product, the following are the obstacles faced by Vim Liquid:

The Consumers find that Vim Liquid is an expensive product in the market and thereafter isn’t consumed by everyone.

Sometimes, the domestic help in a household uses more than the required amount (a drop) of Vim Dishwashing Liquid Soap and waste it.

Strategies Applied
Using Tv Celebrities in the advertisements in order to connect with the day to day lives of the target audience.

Comparison of two brands, knocking from door to door for a quick trial and holding a challenge test are the mainstream advertisement for every dishwashing product today.

""Ek boondh Ki Shakti"
Points to use this product
Medium of Communication
Public Relation
Outdoor Promotion
Ek boondh ki Shakti
We would associate with '
The World Hygiene Day
' that falls on
May 5th
Group 2 presentation
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