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on 27 January 2010

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Transcript of ONDesign

Perhaps the most receptive audience for initiatives
of this variety is the broader design community:
advertising executives, branding mavens,
graphic designers, artists, architects, et al.
The Bay Area’s British expatriate community
is desiring of—and richly deserves—a new outlet
for catalytic conversation, professional networking,
and deeper peer-to-peer engagement.

THE CORE IDEA, simplified:

A semi-annual event, fashioned after the highly successful social function known as Swissnex—originally sponsored by the Swiss Consulate.
Working in close cooperation with members of leading Bay Area design firms (IDEO, Frog Design, FuseProject, Attik, et al) the British Consulate can cater to the needs of its own expat community and align itself with one of California’s leading industries.

American Committee Members British Committee Members
Michael Phillips Moskowitz, IDEO Martin Heaton IDEO
Jess Field, Field Architecture Neil Stevenson, IDEO
TBD, FuseProject Andy Hooper, FrogDesign
Louis Paul Miller, Attik Philip Wood, Citizen:Citizen
Jaclyn Mason, BCG
Meagan Blanton, BCG
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