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The World on the Turtle's back

By: Erica, Nancy, Jacob, and Lydia

Lydia Perez

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of The World on the Turtle's back

By: Lydia, Nancy, Erica, and Jacob The Earth on the Turtle's back Questions:
What is a Literary device?
What is a myth?
What does the Turtle's shell represent?
What do you think sky land represents?
What does the muskrat determination symbolize? Iroquois Indian Tribe The Iroquois Indian Tribe/nation consisted of the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, and the Seneca Tribes.
The Iroquois Indian nation had an organized government system: Chief ship, Chief, and tribal federal councils.
They traced actual and theoretical descent through the female line only. Literary Devices
In the short story, Allusion is used to describe the Turtle's shell as the foundation for all that lives on earth.
Also , in the story the human race started out in a place called 'sky land', it is an allusion of the clouds and the gods the indians worshiped. Personification
Throughout the short story, the animals were given humanistic traits: being able to talk to each other, and to work together as a group.
For example: The muskrat comforted the other animals by telling them that he will be able to get land so the woman can survive. Myth
A myth is a story with a purpose
Attempts to send an important message about culture, life, social and religious meaning.
In the short story, Myth is used to explain how the world/earth was created for all the living objects. The Turtle's shell
In native american history, a turtle's shell was known to be the 'foundation' of the earth.
In ancient native indian tribes, the turtle's shell was also seen as Mother Earth.
In this short story, the turtle's shell was seen as the structure of the earth. Muskrat's Determination
In the story, the muskrat is very determined to find land for the cloud lady. So in an attempt to save the stranger, the muskrat risks it's life to help someone else. This shows how people have common courtesy for those in need.
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