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No description

Destyny Creighton

on 29 May 2014

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El Patron
A+A---El patron has twisted branches, he's evil. (p.216)
A+A---Tells of his childhood memories.(p.)
A+A---Gets his body guards from other counties that are criminals (p.196,63)
A+A---Compared to a vampire...not in a good way!
El Patron means Boss
Opium ( In between the United-States and Mexico)
A+A---El Patron very powerful drug lord
A+A---Almost everyone's an eejit
C+C---The land is almost entirely white with poppies but it's a horrible place to be.
MM---Matt remembers the little house in the poppy field
C+C---Celia tells Matt the Chupacabras would suck his blood when he went outside and he ended up going outside and bleeding.

By Destyny Creighton
Aztlan (Used to be Mexico)
C+C---Aztlan and Opium are oposites and the same.
A+A---Referred to as an animal (p.129,134)
AHA---He's a clone (p.23)
C+C---Becoming more like El Patron (p.49)
C+C---His embryo was left alone.
A+A---he played the piano
A+A--- Matt uses his power to his advantage. With patrol guards,Maria,AlAcrans,red scorpions,to get back onto the estate.
C+C---Betrayed El Patron by poisoning Matt for his own good
"A little extra forgiveness never hurts." (p.165)
"The mouse is safest when she doesn't leave foot prints on the butter." (p.11)
"Celia used to say that slow people are just paying close attention" (p.315)
A+A---Matt's mother figure
Tam Lin:
C+C---Tam Lin treats Matt like a friend (chp.8-13)
TQ--- "Why had Tam Lin given him a chest full of maps and supplies?" (Chp.22-38)
Tam Lin told me (Maria)....How to help Matt (Over 5x)

-AHA---She loves Matt
-A+A---Maria cried.
-A+A---She treats Matt like an animal.
-A+A--- She chooses Tom over Matt
Believe in yourself
AHA---Before Matt figured out he was a clone he did everything.
Don't let what people label you as define who you are or become.
AHA---Matt's a clone (p.23)
A+A---Everyone refers to Matt as a clone.
A+A---People tell Matt that he is and will be like El pratron
The grass isn't greener on the other side.
AHA--- Aztlan is just as bad as Opium.Matt thought
C+C---The keepers fed the boys plancton.
AHA---The keepers would not fre any of the boys.
Man vs. Man
A+A---Rosa is cruel to Matt
A+A---Tom harasses Matt

Man vs. Self
Man vs. Nature
C+C---Matt holds Maria dog hostage.
Opium-White with flowers(decieving), rulled by a dictator(El Patrón),eejits "prisoned" to do work
Aztlan-White with salt, drab factories, "prison" work camps for orphans
AHA---Matt finds out what El Patrón was keeping him for...His heart.(It's ironic since Rl Patrón has no "heart", he is for loss of better term; evil
AHA---Matt finds out what El Patróns ultimate purpose was for him,to take his heart for himself
(which is ironic, since El Patrón, for a loss of better words is evil)
C+C---Matt escapes the work camp with the
help of his friends. (No one helps him... very seldom.)
C+C---Matt breaks out
of the little house,before he
knows he is a clone.
He believes he
is strong,
AHA---Matts a clone!!!
A+A---Matts treate like an animal. In Rosa's cruel and inhumane prison for Matt he is forced to act like one
AHA-C+C---Celia admited to poisonning Matt, so he was no use to El Patron. Also, she stood up to him, very brave and motherly.
C+C---Maria loves Matt, more than a pet and friend. Usually she is only capable of treating him and pittying him like her animal.
AHA---All the Alacrán's are dead...
C+C---The keepers punish others for Matt being a clone. Treat him equal when it comes to his punishments.
C+C-TQ--- Matt forces maria to kiss him, he acted like El Patrón than himself. When he was young, he made a choice, like a tree does when it decides to grow one way or the other. He grew large and green until he shadowed over the whole forest, but most of his branches are twisted." Will Matt turn out to be twisted?
MM--- Matt remembers the poppy field.White seems inviting but Opium is anything but terrible. The white flowers represent what immagrents and foreigners see from afar, but just like a real flower you dont feel the sting until you step on the bee in that flower.
AHA---Tam Lin tells Matt the dead eejit they found in the field died of thirst.
AHA---Tam Lin tells Matt the eejit horse will not drink unless instructed to do so.
I thimk the water, or lack of water represents how helpless and powerless the people are.
mrs.holt i apologize but i don't have 10 slides 'cause i did it on an iPad a would let me make more.
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