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No description

anaya lucas

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of aluminum

Aluminium By: Anaya Lucas Interesting Facts: Pictures Chemical Features Continued Production and Refinement Compounds and Mixtures Element Bio Continued Element Bio Normal Phase: Solid
Classification: Metallic
Element Family: Boron
Origin of Name: Alumine
Discovered By: Hans Christian Orested (1827) Aluminium has a firm chemically have good collaborate with oxygen.
Compare to other metals aluminium is difficult to extract from bauxite ore.
Many minerals will dissolve less a second in molten minerals from aluminium. In 1825, Aluminium was born. She was an amazing element that everyment loves, but hates her bad side. When she is infuriated, she has a thermal energy that uses conductivity, and electricity. When she's cold she can freeze food , and cause freezer-burns. Her half-life lasts only a few seconds even though, other elements come in a few hours, sometimes even a few days,or years. Aluminium loves recycling, and she graduated from Element High School. Christian Hans Orested College for four years. To include her bio for now she became a singer, and had a lot of children from Bauxite. Thank you again, for letting me get to know my Ptable.com
Wikipedia.com Birth Certificate of Aluminium Al Born: July 28, 1825
Founded: Guyton de Moreavu (1761)
Discovery: Hans Christian Orested (1825)
First Isolation: Friedrich Wohler (1827)
Named By: Humphery Davy (1808)
Gender: Female
Origin: Latin
Origin Name: Alumen 13 26.9 Aluminium Light it up, light it up
Let it chrome out
Bright it up, bright it up
Let it shine out $4.56 for 2 grams Anaya Lucas Name: Aluminium
Symbol: Al
Atomic #: 13
Atomic mass: 26.9
# of Protons: 13
# of Neutrons: 13
# of Electrons: 13 Aluminium can be be used as coins in many foreign countries such as: France, Italy, Poland, Israel ,and Romania.
Back in the 1880s many people including a man named Hall-Heroult found out that was difficult to extract.
Do to this amazing outcome they thought it was valuble then gold.
Aluminium was also a health towards Alzheimer's disease, where people started to worry towards health scares as well.
With aluminium not just only people, but also plants to causes a growth deduction on plants which causees them to die faster.
Compared to most other metals it's difficult to extract from ore, has bauxite which makes it harder to extract. Isotopes Name: Aluminum-26
Mass: 25.986891692
Binding: .8.149771 MeV
Abundance: 0%
Half-Life: 7.16 x 10^5y
Decay Width: 2.02 x 10^-35 MeV Phisical Features Alumininum has the phical change of being of an ionic valence challenge.
Do to many scientist many changes such as its color.
Its color which is grey metallic silver, can change depending on the element.
Its weight is lightweight, durable, and depending on the roughness.
Its percentage on conductivity is 59% do to thermal and electrical activity. Recycling Resources P. Element Hospital CCPS Agency 43,309 matches
Ac: Acintinum
Ag: Silver
AgAsF6: Silver Hexafluoroarsenate
AgBF4: Silver Tetrafluoroborate The corrosion resistance is excellence towards aluminium oxide when exposed to air.
The aluminium are less resistant do to galvanic reactions wth alloyed copper.
The corrosion resistance can also be aqueous liquids.
The fact that many compounds and molecules discharges towards aluminium. Etymology Alumininum is to theoretically 100% recyclable.
Recoveries from many metal via recycling has became an important part of the aluminium industry.
Only 5% of aluminium actually be recycled, even though people usually throw it away at the dump every year. It was also used in Webster's Dictionary in the 1800's, but percisely 1828.
A man named Humphry Davy in 1808, which was a british chemist.
Aluminium was in Humphry's cook Chemical Philosophy in 1812.
But was employed also in 1808,. Dear CCPS Agency, I just want to say thank you for bringing this element to my life. I never thought a tomelement, would be an extrodinary element to many would like to know. Not to many people would infatuate over a tremendous element like Aluminium.
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