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Flipped Classrooms Benefits - An Overview

No description

Rich McCue

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Flipped Classrooms Benefits - An Overview

Rich McCue
UVic Libraries
What Is It?
Students watch lectures at home at their
own pace
, communicating with peers and teachers via online discussions.
Moodle tells Instructor who's
for class & who's
& where...
A Great Tool...
But Not Always the Best...
Through Activity
Time with
Peer Tutoring
UVic Law Legal Research & Writing - A Case Study. Traditional Lecture to Completely Flipped Class.
University of Illinois Physics
Flipped Experience: Study results
Zotero Instructional Video
Post Flip Grade Gain on Final Exam
Post Flip Grade Gain for Video Viewers
(& non viewer inset)
Post Flip Video
Post Flip non
video viewers
A Key
Measure of Success
: All but 1 of the students stayed behind to
continue exploring
the software tools...
after being dismissed
Engage Students
Deep Learning
Some Other Law Schools who've Flipped Classes:
University of Ottawa - Administrative Law (Craig Forcese) -> http://goo.gl/RlSMh
City University of New York Law School - Legal Skills
Southwestern Law School - Evidence
Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law - Bar Exam Prep., Integrate Professional Skills across substantive courses.
University of San Diego School of Law - Legal Research
Loyola Law School - Technology & Privacy class
Where to Start?
Start small with a lecture or two.
Moodle is your friend.
First list learning outcomes you’d like to achieve, and then work backwards.
Start by doing voice overs in PowerPoint.
Rich would be happy to give guidance.
Learning and Teaching Centre.
Show Quiz In Moodle

Review EverNote Exercise
Craig Forcese's University of Ottawa Experience - Administrative Law
"Flipping opened classroom time. But flipping does not determine how you use that classroom time. That choice belongs to the instructors."
“For one thing, whatever the outcome on exams, I believe (although cannot prove) that students completing this course will be roughly one year ahead of most other student I have taught in their ability to grapple with basic real world admin law problems -- and maybe more than admin law problems.”
Craig Forcese's Conclusions:
So will I do it again? Yes.
Will I expand to other courses? Yes.
Do I recommend it? In a heartbeat.
Will it be everyone's cup of tea? No.
Should it exist in every course? No.
Is it a panacea to all that ails legal education? Of course not.
It is a brick in a larger edifice of reform.
Pre-Class Work
Significant Prep Work for Instructors
Pre-Class Quizz
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