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Archetype: The Martyr

No description

Shannon Smith

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Archetype: The Martyr

A person who sacrifices something of importance (life, possession, opportunities) for what they believe in (religion) or something more important (someone's well-being).

2 Types
Shadow Martyr
Enlightened Martyr

Self-induced suffering
Punishes everyone
Sacrifice = Worth

Doing what's right
Sacrifice by choice
What is the Martyr?
Central Idea
How it relates to human experiences:

Though we don't sacrifice our lives, we do sacrifices things like;
for people that we care about or when others need help.
Not everyone acts upon martyrdom, but all people have the ability to.
What is a Martyr?

What are the two types of Martyrs?

Is there a character or person that you can think of that is the Martyr?

What would be a scenario in which someone is acting as the Martyr?

Examples of Martyrdom
Saint Stephen The Koronides
By: Shannon Smith
Archetype: The Martyr
Charlotte Harry Potter
Saint Stephen
Christian martyr - Apostles
Regarded as the first martyr of Christianity
Was a follower of Jesus
Gained the attention of synagogues because of his teachings
Synagogues accused Saint Stephen of blasphemy
Gives the court a long speech about God, Moses, and Jesus
Is accused again
Stoned to death, shortly after praying that his soul be received and his killers forgiven
What did he sacrifice? --- His life
For what? --- His religion/what he believed in/Jesus
Menippe and Metioche
Two nymph daughters of Orion
Their land is struck by pestilence and drought
They voluntarily sacrifice themselves to the gods in an ask for help
Bash their heads in with shuttles
Persephone takes pity on them and turns them into comets
What did they sacrifice? --- Their lives
For what? --- help to save their land from drought and disease
Wilbur befriends Charlotte
Charlotte helps Wilbur gain popularity to save his life
Wilbur is entered in a contest and Charlotte helps him
After winning, Charlotte becomes unwell
She explains that now that Wilbur is safe she can die in peace
Charlotte is carrying 514 eggs
Wilbur vows to save her eggs
Charlotte dies on the fairgrounds
What did she sacrifice? --- Her webbing/life
For what? --- Wilbur's/her children's lives
Harry Potter
7 horcruxes need to be destroyed to kill Voldemort
Harry learns that he is a horcrux
Harry meets Voldemort in the forest and allows himself to be killed
Before, Harry did not know if he would live or die
Miraculously, Harry lives and the horcrux inside him is destroyed
Harry defeats Voldemort
What did he sacrifice? --- His life (was willing to)
For what? --- a way to successfully kill the Dark Lord
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