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South Africa

No description

M Caldwell

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of South Africa

South Africa Region
By: MAYANNA:) & Justin. Physical Geography! Africa contains these countries:
South Africa

Location: Southern Africa
To North: Tanzania & the DR of the Congo. Lesotho is entirely inside South Africa. Swaziland is almost completely surrounded by South Africa. 6 nations are landlocked. Landforms: Southern Africa
Drakensburg mountains are one of the tallest ranges in Africa. There are many plateaus in South Africa. Plateaus are rimmed by escarpments which are big cliffs. The Namib and the Kalahari deserts. Climate: The eastern part has a mild to hot subtropical region with high rainfall. In the mountains, temperatures are lower and rainfall is higher than the plateaus. It has cool, wet winters and warm dry summers. Traditional People Who are they?
- Their ancestors were called Boers (meaning "farmers" in Dutch) Later, they were known as Afrikaners.

What are they like?
- South Africans had no voice in government. They couldn't vote or run for office.

Are they having issues surviving in the modern world?
- No. Not as much as they did a couple years ago. Government Apartheid is a type of law for segregation of the races.

According to the African government, there are different ways that other countries run their country and the people in it. Angolas' government is very poor and in a really bad condition because it has been in civil war for awhile and is still recovering. In South Africa, government is really good and today is getting better because of their president that was elected in 1999 and reelected in 2004. Thabo Mbeki has made South Africa the regions strongest economy. Mining of metals, minerals, and precious gems provides thousands of jobs for South Africa. Pop Culture Major religion: Christianity
Many people practice traditional religion. They are very linked to europeans and they shared some of the culture. It's racially mixed. Botswana has a strong economy and democratic government. Would You Like To Visit This Area Today? No. I would not like to visit South Africa because there wouldn't be much to do. Working in fields and being in hot, humid weather all of the time would be very hard to deal with. You can very easily get a terrible disease. Their habitat is not sanitary what so ever. Not having a nice home with valubles inside would be another reason I wouldn't want to go. The huts that they live in would be cramped, and that would be really uncomfortable. Many of the Afrikaners don't have the things that they need, such as:
However, it would be nice to see the environment and learn about how the people and native animals, such as monkeys, live.
In conclusion, I would not want to visit the country of South Africa because of the living conditions in the country.
-- Mayanna & Justin
References A Journey through Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Realm http://go-passport.grolier.com/splash www. cia factbook.com
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