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Parody of Sonnet 18

No description

Luke Smutny

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Parody of Sonnet 18

Your performances really make me laugh
The clothes you wear really have no swagger
Your amount of fans should be cut in half
However I am sure my opinions don't matter
Even if your music sounds like cutting saws
I will still love you even with all your flaws
Shall I compare thee to a dying bird
Those sounds you make really hurt me ears
Your rhymes are the worst I have ever heard
All you music is a musicians worst fears
Parody of Sonnet 18
Beyonce to Jay - Z

Even though what I said may all be true
And all these insults may not seem so clever
My heart will always belong to you
An I want to be with you both now and forever
The End!
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