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The evolution of Video-game graphics

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christopher hernandez

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The evolution of Video-game graphics

The 8-bit Era Just some friendly trash-talk 2001- Present Home systems are the new thing !! Here it is on King of the Hill
Very accurately portraying how addictive the game was to adults and children alike. 1980s arcades peaked in popularity The Evolution of Video Game Graphics Sega Genesis is released in 1988. presentation by:
Chris Hernandez It all started with... Pong was released by a video-game company named Atari, in 1972.
It was the first commercially successful video-game ever sold.
It's so famous it pops up on television and other media to this day !
Not too many graphics starting out ! The founding fathers of pong
Ted Dabney, Al Alcorn, and Nolan Bushnell In the 80's, 8-bit video-games flourished in popularity which brought forth video game companies such as , Nintendo, Sega, EA. Pong !! 1980- 1981- 1982- Notable Arcade Releases Pacman Centipede Defender Qbert Joust Tron Galaga Donkey Kong Frogger With the bright new graphics came a wave of popularity.
To meet the demand, video-games were produced yearly. With every new game came better graphics and more difficulty than the last. Video-games had made their impact on the world. Soon there was a game for anyone and everyone !! The Atari was the first video-game system for the home that sold well commercially but many followed shortly after and hasn't stopped since ! 1983 Here are the systems that ran in 8-bit ! 1986 NES Sega Master System Sega and Nintendo were the only two systems during this and so they became rivals !!
Sega release their slogan as Genesis does what Nintendon't.
Sega releases a mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog 1985 Most recognized game and character of all time.
sold over 10 million copies in just the year it was released 1986 Notable Releases Legend of Zelda
Dragon Quest
Bubble Bobble
Metroid Huge leaps are made the next 10 years. 1990- Nintendo releases SNES, best selling 16-bit system selling over 49 million units in it's era. 1996- Nintendo releases the Nintendo 64 and graphics are of course boosted to 64-bit ! 1989-2000: The Rise of the Consoles 1994- Sony releases the Playstation which influenced the end of cartridges and swapping them for the more compact disk. 1999- The Sega Dreamcast lead the way with online gaming, and was considered ahead of its time. Once the consoles made their debut, video-games became a billion dollar industry and everyone wanted to be a part of it. New consoles came out every 2-3 years and with each, new graphics and challenging new gameplay. Now in the video-game scene the difference in graphics and style of game release for each system has been noticed and now has fans for each. These three are Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation. 2005 In 2006 the online scene took off, millions of people log on to their accounts everyday to defend their title or just play with their friends online ! Halo 3- Xbox 360 Graphics have made huge leaps! DC Universe Online- PS3 Here friends are teaming up as villains to defeat superman on dc universe online. PS2 Xbox Gamecube PS3 Wii Xbox 360 Political run-ins Social Events In 1994, the video game industry established the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), a comprehensive labeling system that rates over 1,000 games per year. The ESRB applies five different rating symbols and over 25 different content labels that refer to violence, sex, language, substance abuse, gambling, humor and other potentially sensitive subject matter. To keep violence and sex out of the hands of youth. E3 is held every year as a conference so that each company can showcase their new developments ! People go out every year to dress as their favorite characters and show support for their favorite companies. Economics of video-games All of the hard work hasn't been just for fun however, American's alone will spend 23.5 billion on video-games this year, whether it is for hardware, downloadable content or the games themselves. Making video-games a huge business ! It has even spilled over into other media such as clothing, movies, and even has it's own art style now ! A little Nintendo Art Noveau Videogames hitting the movie scene Wreck It Ralph Scott Pilgrim vs. the world Videogame style Movie style Super Smash Bros Super Smash Bros. Brawl While not very popular online because of speed, it is still highly popular. The intro to scott pilgrim in 8-bit 2000 2001 2001 2006 2006 A Brief view of Video-games now ! Battlefield 3, ps3 New Super Mario Bros., Wii U Halo 4, Xbox 360 A fitting end for a history of video-game graphics Wii
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