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A Day in the Life of a Mitochondrion

By: Safiya Ali

Safiya Ali

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of A Day in the Life of a Mitochondrion

By: Safiya Ali A Day in the Life of a Mitochondrion MITOCHONDRION Also known as Citric Acid Cycle KREBS CYCLE AEROBIC CELLULAR RESPIRATION GLYCOLYSIS 1 glucose molecule 6 oxygen molecules 6 water molecules 6 carbon dioxide molecules 12 water molecules Along inner membrane of Mitochondrion ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN C H O + O CO + H O + ATP ATP PYRUVATE PYRUVATE NADH NADH Glycolysis creates... = 6 Carbon + 2 Phosphate from ATP =ADP^2 LOSE 2 ATP=2 ADP
NAD+=NADH TRANSITION... PYRUVATE OXIDATION Energy flips protein over to intermembrane space Oxygen is electron hungry Electron Transport Proteins ATP SYNTHASE INTERMEMBRANE SPACE MATRIX Makes H2O (water) H+ H+ H+ H+ H+ H+ H+ H+ H+ H+ H+ KREBS CYCLE ATP ADP CO2 NAD+ NADH FAD+ FADH ACETYL COA 3 C 2 Acetyl e- NADH Coenzyme A CO2 Glucose: C6 H12 O6 + E NAD and FAD are energy producers which combined with other products to create NADH and FADH. Elements are broken down from NAD and FAD to create new ones and continue the enegry. NAD & NADH
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