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To Be or Not to Be . . . Published

No description

Melissa Comer

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of To Be or Not to Be . . . Published

To Be or Not to Be . . . Published
Some Thoughts on Writing by
Dr. Kathy Brashears & Dr. Melissa Comer

What works for us...
Writing Process
Writing Plans
Pertinent Information
*To be successful writers, we believe that we need to experience the writing process just as we teach our students to do.

*Find someone you trust, who is encouraging, good at editing, and will provide you with honest feedback regarding your writing.

1. Find your niche. About what do you like to write? What's your specialty?
2. Chat with like-minded people.
3. Become familiar with journals in your field - national, state, and online.
4. Know that some journal editors will only accept submissions from their organization's members.
5. Become familiar with APA or whatever format you're going to use. Some editors will reject a manuscript outright if it's not in the specified format. Check out Easy Bib (online or as an app) for help with citation.
Writing Plans
*Make a reference list. We've learned the importance of saving WHERE we find information. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to locate a page number!

*Make certain that they are reliable, scholarly references.
To be published means one has experienced rejection.
Don't give up!
We believe that to be successful writers,
we need to read and think like writers.

Find what works for you. When inspiration strikes us
regarding something we've read, thought, or experienced,
we jot it down in a word document and save it to a
"My Writing" folder for easy access later. We have also
been known to write on napkins, receipts, and post-it notes.
You may want to locate the Call for Manuscripts in the journal in which you're interested in publishing, and write with this in mind.
Writing Process
Remember that it may take months to find out whether or not a manuscript is accepted.

After a manuscript has been accepted, it may take a year before it's printed.

You may receive a letter that your piece has been accepted or accepted with revisions. Either way, congratulations are in order!

If you receive a rejection, take a look at the comments. It may very well be that your manuscript just isn't a good fit for the journal.

Never send the same manuscript to multiple journals at the same time.
Pertinent Information
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