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IOP The Poisonwood Bible

No description

Nicole Grullon

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of IOP The Poisonwood Bible

IOP The Poisonwood Bible
By: Barbara Kingsolver

What do you think the author intends by having Methuselah die on Congo's Independence Day?
Death of the Congo after Independence
Page 184 "So much depends on the single red feather I saw when I stepped out of the latrine."
This foreshadows the doom that the Congo is going to face. Just like Adah finds Methuselah's feathers one at a time the Congo falls apart one step at a time.
The fact that the wings found are red is significant because red is the color of blood. Later after the Independence many people died.
Independence Day began the Congo's downfall. They were better off until the other countries tried to "help them." This day was the most significant day possible in which Methuselah could have died.
Nicole Grullon
Block 12

Quote 2
Page 184-185 " At last it is Independence Day, for Methuselah and the Congo. O Lord of the feathers, deliver me this day. After a lifetime caged away from flight and truth, comes freedom. After long seasons of preparation for an innocent death, the world is theirs at last."
Detail 2
Methuselah died on the day that the Congo received independence. This represents the theme of the death of the Congo after its independence. The feathers represented death and Methuselah's death represented the death of the Congo. This was just the overall death of the Price families experience in the Congo.
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