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Crash Course in PR

public relations basics

Kevin Kieninger

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Crash Course in PR

public relations in a nutshell. In 1923, along came Edward Bernays Ed eventually wrote a highly influential book, "Crystallizing Public Opinion." "an applied social science that influences behavior and policy, when communicated effectively, motivates an individual or group to a specific course of action by creating, changing, or reinforcing opinions and attitudes." It lead to this definition of public relations: all of which are good for business. great, but what does that mean in English? it means that pr attempts to build
a public image, raise awareness,
educate, and influence. increasing public knowledge and
positive reputation, which helps
lead to business sales. how? a respected publication or
third party boosts credibility. reputation is everything ok, but how do we get respectable
publications to say nice things about us? bring them stories
worth writing about. is it significant to anyone
outside of your organization? is it timely? is there a prominent person or
organization that will draw
attention to the story? proximity - is there
a local angle? is there a hook? Is it an unusual story? human interest - is there a human
face to this story? people like to
read stories about other people. is it new? new products, services,
or trends will always be
newsworthy, especially if it's a
great service. is there conflict? media deadlines are also
important to be sensitive to. monthly publications, like magazines
need 3-5 months advance notice weeklies, like community news,
need 3-8 weeks advance notice dailies, like newspapers/online,
need 1-2 weeks advance notice some final thoughts there is always the possibility that a story won't get picked up the devil's in the details. if they do pick up the story, journalists will write it however they want remember our key messages clear, concise memorable thoughts that
align with our business objectives. commitment to providing a positive, caring living experience core values - family, value, respect, and appreciation relaxation, socialization, activity, health "what do you want to do today?"
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