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A critical interpretive science of research translation and

Global Young Academy Presentation 26 May 2016

Paul Mason

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of A critical interpretive science of research translation and

Bridging worlds through science
science through Worlds
Interviewing TB patients in Vietnam
Making science understandable
Educational children's book about tuberculosis
Coping Self-efficacy
7 items across four domains including
5 items on “communication with doctor”, 4 items on “seeking support”,
7 items of “disclosure of diagnosis”, and 11 items on “medication adherence”
A critical interpretive science of research translation and translational research
Paul Mason
Phuong và An bi benh [Vietnamese]

Francis e Renê estão doentes [Portuguese]

May Sakit Si Len at Si Alex [Tagalog]

Dominique et Claude vont chez le médecin [French]

Alex si Gabi merg la doctor [Romanian]

Kai und Mika gehen zum Arzt [German]

Tumaini na Huruma wanakwenda kwa daktari [Swahili]

Dwi dan Tri pergi ke dokter [Bahasa Indonesia] forthcoming
Biobanks go global
Observing ethical principles locally is an important part of establishing and maintaining trust between a biobank and the general public.

Sharing benefits equitably among the interest groups promotes public trust. Maintaining public trust in biomedical research and avoiding the abuse and exploitation of tissue and data is in the interests of global biobanks.

The potential benefits of biobanks will be undermined if ethical considerations are not at the forefront of going global.
Rotalix X-ray

could scan lung tissue

invented by Philips in 1929

used for mobile TB screening

1932 - community wide screening

over 7 years, TB rates reduced by 71%

first used in Eindhoven

later in all Holland

later globally

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