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Vlad Dracul III

Vlad the Impaler, Vicious and Magnificent ruler of Wallachia, Romania

Phil Ward

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Vlad Dracul III

Vlad Dracul (The Impaler)
The man behind the Legend Vlad's rule was from 1456-1462.
He ruled his kingdom with an iron fist. Any acts of dishonesty by locals meant severe and a painful death. This Image is a portrait of Vlad Dracul III http://www.draculas.info/gallery/picture_of_portrait_of_vlad_the_impaler-2/ Vlad Dracul III, also known as Vlad the Impaler, was the ruler of the province Wallachia in Romania. He was an incredible leader of his people and while his 6 year rule may have been short it has continued to echo throughout the ages, and is still being talked about to this very day. His most infamous method of punishment was impalement. There were, however, a variety of other punishments that he would inflict such as; nails in the head; dismemberment; strangulation; incineration; cutting off of extremities; mutilation of sexual organs; scalping; skinning; exposure to the elements and wild animals; as well as boiling alive. No one was above this punishment, all were treated equally, men, woman, children, lords and even ambassadors were known to be punsihed for dishonesty! Vlad Tepes had perfected the art of impalement. He would go about his impaling by taking an oiled stake, insert it into the victims anally and puush it through until it exited via their mouths. The stakes were never sharpened, were they to be too sharp the shock could kill the victims instantly and thus take away from their suffering. Though he commited these "atrocities" the people of Wallachia still depict him as a hero. They tell the story of how Vlad refused to buckle under and pay tribute to the Turks for peace. the Turkish army came after Vlad enraged at his refusal to pay tribute, however the elders of Poenari Fortress helped Vlad get away by tricking the Turkish army when they invaded Romania. They did so by turning the horseshoes on their horses backwards so it appeared to the Turkish army that Vlad and the elders were returning to the fortress instead of leaving. This shows that his cruelty was just one side of his personality that clouds peoples judgement of his entire character. The people feared and loved Vlad because he stood up to the Turkish army when no one else would. Bram Stoker's novel Dracula gave way to many other writers who became entranced with Vampire lore. These novels then lead to a fruitful movie industry and eventually to the horrific saga that is known around the world as Twilight. The life of Vlad Dracul III was vivid and bloody, he was a feared leader and unforgiving in his punishments. Despite this fear instilled in the world he was a cherished soveriegn. His reputation inspired many artists and brought about the vampire-mania that has continued to asfixiate pop culture today. There is no doubt that it will continue to enthrall the world for many years to come. inpr Sometimes he would attach a length of rope to each of the ankles of an offender and attach the other end of the ropes to 2 horses and have them slowly walk away and pull the person onto the dull pike.

Another way he impaled someone was through gravity. He would put the pike part way up their rectum and stand it straight up allowing them to slowly slide down it. The 'atrocities' that Vlad comitted in the past later influenced Brams Stoker and inspired him to write Dracula,the most iconic vampire to date. He was depicted as a well refined and educated gentleman (which undoubtedly Vlad was) who ensnares a gentleman by the name of Jonathan Harker. Vlad Dracul III, Dracul meaning 'son of the dragon', more commonly referred to as Vlad Tepes(pronounced Tse-pesh) , which translated means 'the Impaler', was the Prince of Wallachia and ruled from 1456-62. He was viewed as a patriotic hero by his people and is the basis of the modern day vampire. Fun Fact:
While he was imprisoned in Turkey he managed to concieve 2 sons; Vlad, and the second whos name is unknown. This is a comedic rendition of Vlad the Dracul III(The Impaler) 'www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM5YDI7ttME' P.S. Twilight Sucks In 1462 the Turkish army invaded Wallachia and overthrew Vlad. He was imprisoned for 12 years. During this time it was reported that he captured mice and birds which he then tortured and mutilated them. Some of these creatures were beheaded or tarred and feathered then released. Most were impaled on tiny spears. Bibliography:

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