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Ana Gozalo - Resume & Portfolio

A motivated and enthusiastic communications professional, with several years’ experience in digital communications and marketing across varied sectors including education, advertising, IT services and non-for profit.

Ana Gozalo

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Ana Gozalo - Resume & Portfolio

My Signature Strengths according to VIA Inventory of Strengths Survey, are:
Ana Gozalo
Key Skills
Work Experience
Get in touch
Bachelor of Communications
Resume & Portfolio
Key Skills
Get in touch
Major in Advertising & PR
1997 - 2002
I was and still am a bit nerdy!
“Strategies, and Tactics to Achieve Effectiveness of the Intranet of PDVSA” (Venezuelan state-owned petroleum company)
Thesis awarded Highest Distinction
Non for profit
IT Services
No matter where I have been employed,
I have always aimed to produce work
of the highest quality.
Communications & PR Manager
Digital Project Manager
J. Walter Thompson
Working with diverse audiences has provided me with the opportunity to prove my ability to deliver successful communications and integrated marketing campaigns at both the strategic and operational level.
Managing different brands at the same time require a flexible routine to respond promptly to changes in priority
This also forced me to meet deadlines and work under pressure
Working in an advertising agency has prepared me to think outside the box, envision goals and to be an effective problem-­solver
Ana does a great teamwork, watch very close the needs of the client and creates a synergy with the creative group to generate the best options for them.
Ramses worked directly with Ana at JWT
Ramses Avila, Art Director
Ana is a great professional.
She is very creative, organised and lovely person.

Mariva worked directly with Ana at JWT
Mariva Delgado, Account Director
Developed and implemented innovative and exciting concepts to launch Smirnoff Ice & Baileys Caramel & Ford KA and Focus
Developed strong skills in writing media releases
Broze ANDA Award (2004) Ford Focus website
Iberoamerican Advertising Festival (2005) Ford KA website
What I learned
Responsible for the budget, performance evaluation and forecasting all activities of the commnications department.
Established a PR and communications plan that improved community understanding about the organisation and the e-commerce industry
Developed text for marketing collateral, newsletters, brochures and content for the website
Negotiated sponsorship deals for main events
Developed and implemented communication strategies and short and long-term PR strategies
Advance Business Consulting
Marketing Officer
Developed a sustainable marketing system that enabled the company to implement plans without external marketing consultancy.
Walford Anglican School for Girls
Communications Officer
Ability to work autonomously and within a team environment
Excellent communication, interpersonal, written and administrative skills
Ability to build strong relationships
Problem solving skills & ability to think laterally
Strong technical & visual skills
High level of organisational skills & capacity to juggle competing priorities
My favourite courses were:
marketing strategy
market research
media planning
graphic design
Flamenco dance
Indoors cycling
Diligence & Perseverance
Creativity & Originality
I do a good job organising
activities and seeing that they happen
Never content with doing something the conventional way if a better way is possible
I work hard to finish what I start
No matter the project I get it "out the door"
I take satisfaction in completing tasks
Never too busy to do a favour
Bringing smiles to people is important to me
I am down to earth without pretense
Thinking of new ways to do things in part of who I am
Thinking things through is an important aspect of who I am
I do not jump to conclusions and rather rely on evidence to make informed decisions
I am able to change my mind

Critical Thinking
I love learning new things
I encourage a group to get things done while preserving the harmony
I make everyone feel included
My interests
Kindness & Authenticity
My GPA was 16.7/20

Class rank: 6/88
Ability to see the big picture and aptitude to take a strategic approach to any project or task required
I have actively contributed to a positive work culture as a company representative and advocate for the School, interacting with internal and external stakeholders at all levels including senior management.
“We have all been so impressed with Ana's work and willing attitude.”

“It is great dealing with a person who can still smile despite the pressure.”
“Ana, a delight to work with."
Karin Dunsford, Director of Development
Walford School
Vicky Nimmo,
President of the Walford PTA
Christine Martin,
Walford Junior School Coordinator
A motivated & enthusiastic communications professional with 14 years' experience in digital communications & marketing
103/62 City View Boulevard, NORTHGATE SA 5085
I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing
from you in the near future
ebay Venezuela
Successful set up and management of School
Social Media sites
Enhanced communications across the school community through the use of technology
Negotiated 44 sponsorship deals for the School Directory
Conceptualisation of invitations for major events
Walford Ball, "
A Night in Paris”
Both designs won over several alternate proposals presented by awarded advertising agencies.
Opening of the Sports Centre
Reduced the costs associated with outsourcing designers by managing most desktop publishing projects in house.

Online ticketing system
Eye-catching email campaigns
Mobile App
Old Scholars' eNewsletter
Flyers & Invitations
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This is me!
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