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No description

Maria José Sáez

on 13 June 2017

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Transcript of PDI

Email Address
City, State
55 U.F

Anual Tuition
Escuela de Investigaciones Policiales
Location : Santiago

Semesters: Six
Work Experience
1 years exp 917.000
5 years exp 1.573.469
The Professional Life of
Rodrigo Rivas

vocational english elective
-Always do good
-Take care of your peers
-Help the most unprotected
-Respect the law
-First of all stay calm

We recognize the Investigation Police of Chile as an institution of a professional, scientific and technical nature, of social service, able to create and strengthen citizen ties through artistic and cultural instances

Police of Investigations of Chile and the citizenship as part of integral, collective and individual development.
-if you want to be PDI,you must like to take care of people
-if you want to be PDI,you mustwhy an institution should be
-if you want to be PDI,you must always have to be formal
-if you want to be PDI,you must resist de law
-if you want to be PDI,you must risk your life over another
like this race because it is an institution where you are well, they let you know how much the word is respect and you have to take care of the wellbeing of your country.
-If you want to be a PDI , you must
Love research
-If you want to be a PDI , you must To catch bad guys
-If you want to be a PDI , you must be available 24 hours
-If you want to be a PDI , you must be attentive to the most minimal track
-If you want to be a PDI , you must
To like the formality and composure
Preferences Requirements

Amount insured to pay for causes of loss:

First year, 0.48 IM, corresponding to $ 81,742. * Second year, 0.58 IM, corresponding to $ 91,960. * Third year, 0.48 IM, corresponding to $ 102,178. *
First year: 27 IM *

Second year: 30 IM *

Third year: 33 IM *
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