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Amodena: How Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct

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guildford public

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Amodena: How Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct

How Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct?
The Ice Age Theory
In the Ice Age theory all the dinosaurs would have died out. Once temperatures have reached minus 69 degrees C. Everything in the body will freeze and once melted it will be in the exact same position and alive again. Therefore we would have dinosaurs roaming the Earth today. Some scientists say there were many ice ages. In Earth's history there have been many ice ages and that the last one ended about 10,000 years ago.
If the volcanic theory were to be true they would have adapted to the climates as they are cold-blooded.
Why did dinosaurs become extinct about 65 million years ago? Scientist have debated on whether dinosaurs died altogether or gradually. It could have been climate changes, continental drift, orbit, volcanic eruptions or an asteroid.
Asteroid Theory
If it was an asteroid it would have struck with the force of 100,000 billion tones of TNT. This would have made an earthquake one thousand times bigger than ever. A large meteor would have boiled seas destroying everything in it's path. Scientist believe that such a large collision would have thrown so much dust around the air that it would have blocked out sunlight and without the sun's shine plants and animals would have died.
By Amodena Beazley
Volcanic and Gradual Theory
The gradual extinction is probably the most accurate as they might have just died out.
In conclusion dinosaurs have been dead for many years with lots of theories at to why.
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