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The Lunchroom Murder

No description

Katelyn Jermstad

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of The Lunchroom Murder

The Lunchroom Murder
Claim, Rules, Evidence (Review)
Think back to what you have already learned about argumentative writing.

What is a claim?

What is a rule?

What is evidence?

Why are these important when making an argument?
Your Mission
On an otherwise uneventful Thursday afternoon police heard a shot inside Ernie’s Lunchroom, rushed in, and found the scene.

They identified the body as that of a prominent racketeer named Fannin. Ernie, who is both the owner and only employee, had only one fact to tell: the murderer had leaned against the wall while firing at point-blank range. The imprint of his hand is in clear view. The cash register has just been rung up at $8.75.

This is a difficult case. Your investigative team must attempt to determine which of the people in the lunchroom killed Fannin. You will have to observe the details carefully. There is enough evi- dence to help you explain most of what happened.

Quick Write
Take out a piece of paper.

Write down your initial reactions to the image.

What do you see?
-Each group will work together as an investigative team to complete each task.

Task Two: Complete the evidence, rule, and claim chart as a group (every team member must fill out their own chart)

The charts must have 5 rules and pieces of evidence to support their claim.
Your Mission
-Each group will work together as an investigative team to complete each task.
Task One: Come up with a team name and put it on the top of the poster provided (must be appropriate).

As a team, answer the questions in your packet using the picture as a reference. Every team member must fill out their own sheet.
Your Mission
-Each group will work together as an investigative team to complete each task.

Task Three: The group will come up with a conclusion (1-2 paragraphs), which will be written in the space provided at the bottom of the poster.

The conclusion must include:
-Who the culprit is (claim)
-the evidence supporting your claim
-the rules connecting the claim and evidence
-further action to be taken with the culprit.
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