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Online booking management software

No description

Amir Imani

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Online booking management software

Digital Dispatch System

www.taxicaller.com TAXI CALLER Real time vehicle position and status updates.
Full support for corporate and passenger accounts with predefined trips.Examine job queues and free slots for vehicles.
Auto-completion of addresses
Support for multiple auto-assignment schemes:
Zone-queues, FIFO, nearest or best vehicle.
Automatic route calculation.
Automatic fare estimation and calculation.
Automatic report generation on driver shifts and shift totals.
Easy website integration for online bookings.
Custom vehicle tags to filter job assignments.
Passenger text-back on car dispatched and car waiting.
last but not least its compatible to android and coming soon on apple products the features of our website The Work Flow You could start with digital dispatch today! All you need is an Android powered smartphone as your in car terminal. You don't need to worry about the hassle of running a server or any complicated IT stuff. We handle all of that for you. No setup charges. No hidden fees! Digital dispatch has never been this affordable Why pay for expensive in car terminals when low cost consumer hardware does the job better? The TaxiCaller in car terminal runs on Android powered smartphones. They come for as little as $100 and have built in GPS, touch screen and map display. No expensive hardware or setup You only need an internet connected computer to run the TaxiCaller dispatch terminal. Multiple dispatchers can be logged in at the same time. It's never been this easy and cost effective to get started with digital dispatch! A dispatch terminal in your web browser Our System How often do you receive annoyed calls from passengers wondering where their cab is? Many jobs are also lost when lines are busy and passengers call a competing business. With TaxiCaller in app or web booking the customer will never be stuck on hold, and once a booking is made the passenger can track the ride. Time of arrival is estimated and once a job is started the passenger can see the exact location of the cab on the map! Happier customers The TaxiCaller booking system is optimized to automatically assign jobs to the nearest vehicle. And it even looks into the future! By analyzing each vehicle's job queue, the system is able to determine which vehicle will be closest at the scheduled time of pick up!
With in app direct hailing, drivers burn less fuel cruising for jobs. Passengers can find your cab even if it doesn't drive right in front of them. Also as the passenger enters all the information, you will save money on call center staff Save fuel and money A map is also integrated in the system. Here the driver can see his current position, see position for pickup and destination. Since the system is running on Android devices, there is also access to free navigation through Google Navigator. Before Submitting a new ride the dispatcher can do a check on the ride to get relevant information. Great for giving the customer an Estimated pick up time and price while on the line. Everything is calculated by the TaxiCaller server on the fly. TaxiCaller is the only current service which offers both direct vehicle hailing and pre-booking taxi rides. Booking cabs has never been this easy and fun! stat TaxiCaller is available on the android market, and soon on the iPhone app store. You can plan your ride by easily setting pick up and drop off on our map view interface.Then you have the option to hail a cab directly off the map by simply clicking on a vehicle, or if you are pre-booking a ride, you can book and get instant confirmation. Once a ride is booked, you can track your cab's location on the map and get constant updates on time of arrival. Book on your smartphone Our neat web booking interface offers the same functionality as our smartphone booking system.You can comfortably plan your ride on your PC, and track your cabs progress. You can even book your ride on your computer and then track its status on your phone! Book on the web Social and Ethical issues
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