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Coworking space in Varna

No description

Sandra Mora

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Coworking space in Varna

Collaborative workspace in Varna Bulgaria
we have organized the
opening of a coworking
space in Varna.
We'll know
It's also becoming more common in
some big cities of continental Europe where we live
Now it is time for smaller urban areas and university towns with many creative young people to offer coworking spaces.
This kind of working environment is not exclusive to big American cities like New York.
A collaborative workspace experience
Coworking spaces are the result of a quest for strategies
Our team has clients among the stakeholders, ready to organize a coworking space for themselves,
This is our problem
to solve because:

and citizens meeting in one single place where to work
side-by-side, sharing
whatever we decide,
whenever we want.
Sometimes you try to explain what a coworking space is.
Each of us has a different concept of what could be a coworking space:
our ideas, just as the current existing models, differ in many ways!
Sharing projects,
resources, and ideas
So; what about
working side-by-side...
Our challenge is worth implementing because:
Freelancers and creative people, so independent! But sometimes, lonely.
Being more
Together being stronger!
Our constraints:
Will we be able to meet the deadline?
The actual show-stoppers turned out to be:
group constraint
we were not able to decide which of the 4 concepts to use
technological constraint
Only one member of the team had access to real information about Varna
All ideas have
one thing
in common: the desire to join
together with
other creative people,
For example
to deal with the risks and problems of new, flexible types of work.
but in need of direction and strategic planning.
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